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Mum pulled son out of school for good after being 'snack-shamed' by nursery staff

Mum pulled son out of school for good after being 'snack-shamed' by nursery staff

The mum said she didn't consider her son's snacks to be unhealthy

A mum has opened up about her decision to remove her son from his nursery school after being 'snack-shamed' by staff over his food for the day.

Mum Megan took to the internet to share her story, explaining that the nursery she'd chosen for her three-year-old son had asked parents to provide their kids with healthy snacks.

The school requested kids bring healthy snacks.

Megan opted for a variety of choices for her little boy, saying she packed things like a 'granola bar, yoghurt [and] fruit' as well as a cup of Pringles.

However, Megan was left stunned when her son returned from nursery one day with a note attached to the cup of Pringles she'd given to him that morning.

The note read: “Please help us make healthy choices at school.”

Stunned, Megan said: "They snack-shamed my three-year-old, they snack-shamed me, by writing that passive-aggressively.”

Megan explained that she doesn't 'label' food in her house as 'healthy and unhealthy' because that can lead to issues with food, so she contacted the school to complain about the note.

She also visited the preschool's director to say she was 'disappointed' with how the situation had been handled, but was allegedly told she was the one being passive-aggressive by continuing to send her son to nursery with Pringles, in spite of the school's requests for healthy snacks.

Staff wrote the note on the cup Megan had given to her son.

“I didn't consider Pringles to be [an] unhealthy snack,” Megan said. “I considered things like Cheetos, Doritos, Milky Way bars - things like that - to be an unhealthy snack...

"Do I think it was appropriate to write it on my son's empty packet of Pringles? No. I wish that a phone call had taken place, I wish that a message had been sent directly to me.

“There was just no apology. There was no taking responsibility for that behaviour.”

Megan claimed the director told her the nursery 'no longer [had] a spot' for her son at summer school in the wake of the disagreement, and after the events unfolded Megan decided to remove her son from the school altogether.

Megan argued Pringles aren't unhealthy.

“It just felt so uncalled for and disrespectful, and it was very, very unsettling,” she said. “I'm very upset over it, but I walked downstairs and I just checked my son out and that's it. We're done there."

“The whole situation is just sad, and I just didn't want my son to be negatively affected [...] It hurts because I feel bad for him," Megan continued.

"He had these little friends there, and he's not going to be able to see them again.”

Megan said she wanted to share her story to show an example of the 'battles you have to fight for your children'.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@peaveymegan

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