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Woman who lived in same house for 102 years has finally put it back on the market

Woman who lived in same house for 102 years has finally put it back on the market

She's lived there for over a century but she's going into a nursing home and putting the place on the market

A woman who has lived in the same house for the past 102 years is putting it on the market.

Nancy 'Joan' Gifford was two years old when her family moved into the house in the Somerset village of Street back in 1921.

She has lived there ever since, seeing in the vast majority of the 20th century, including the Second World War and the turn of the millennium in the same house.

Her family bought the home for £200, which would be about £10,000 in today's money, but given what house prices are like in the UK it's no surprise that the next owner will be expected to fork over almost £170,000 for it.

Nancy Gifford at her home with her grandson Christopher and great grandchildren Dylan and Abigail.

The home was almost 40 years old already by the time Nancy's family moved into it, having been built in 1882 and coming with a communal well to provide water to the rest of the street.

However, since moving in her family have made quite a few changes to the place, which is pretty unsurprising considering she's been living there for 102 years.

When she first moved in the kitchen, toilet and washing area were all outside and a tin bath was hung on the wall outside the house.

That exposed area has since been covered up and a new kitchen put into place, though much of the rest of the house is still in the same condition it was over a century ago barring the occasional new coat of paint.

Her family moved into the house in 1921 when she was a two-year-old, buying it for £200.

Nancy has decided to sell up as her declining health has led her to decide that she's going to move into a nursing home in Glastonbury.

Her 79-year-old son John who also lives in the Somerset village of Street and recalled his fond memories of living in the house.

He said: "When I was a youngster, there were so many lovely families that lived along the road, and we all knew each other.

"Going across the fields, jumping over ditches, bird nesting, and swimming in the rivers, so many things children don't do these days."

"Back in the day, most children our age knew everybody, and we all had an open house, and it was fine to leave your door on the latch. We were all poor, but everyone was happy."

Nancy has spent 102 of her 104 years living in the house, though the place itself has changed quite a bit in that time.

Estate Agents Holland and Odem said Nancy's house had a 'wonderful story' which you don't find very often in their business.

They said that the time had come for another family to make memories in the house that Nancy had called home for 102 years.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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