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Four single mothers move into one home to raise their children together

Four single mothers move into one home to raise their children together

The four mums and their kids are one big family

They say it takes a village, and four single mums have revealed how they moved into a house together in Maryland, US, to raise their children.

It all started when both Holly Harper and Herrin Hopper got divorced. The pair were already close friends and had lived in individual apartments prior to the move.

Knowing it would be difficult financially to find something on her own - but wanting to stay on the property ladder - Holly had a discussion with Herrin and the friends decided to go for it and move in together to raise their kids.

The four women live together in the house with their kids.

The pair started searching and found the perfect house to buy from day one of their house hunt.

"We said 'why not?' We were in individual apartments, tired of paying rent and dealing with the logistics of being single parents," Herrin told TODAY.

The two friends then went on to find two other single women to move in, Jen and Leandra.

"I posted in the neighbourhood lister, hey two single mums have bought this house, we have a basement unit for rent and Leandra messaged right away," Holly said.

The women split the costs and hold monthly meetings.

Jen moved in six months later, with the four women having their own unit - including a kitchen - within the house. The women split the cost of the household expenses and also hold monthly meetings to discuss important topics or iron out any conflict - which they say is rare.

And it seems like the ladies have a pretty smoothly running household, with Holly explaining: "Every Monday night is garbage night and only probably once a month do I do it because someone else has done it. I live with women!"

The kids all hang out with each other too, with the women explaining there's always an adult around if someone needs to pop out or go for a run.

The children all spend time together, too.

And from the houseshare a romance has even blossomed between Jen and Leandra.

"To be in a place where you can really trust the people around you... that is something I didn't know I could ever have," says Leandra.

"I could be my worst self, I could be my best self, they see me for who I am and it's all okay," said Herrin.

The ladies are also thought to be investing in another house to create a similar property for other women.

This is such an incredible idea.

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