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Mum faces backlash after asking guests for cash instead of presents at four-year-old's birthday party

Mum faces backlash after asking guests for cash instead of presents at four-year-old's birthday party

The mum has faced a lot of backlash online after asking guests for cash for her four-year-old's birthday party

A mum has revealed a request she asked of guests at her daughter's birthday party and the Facebook community has been left divided.

There has been plenty of kids' birthday party dilemmas and questionable decisions over the years - whether that is the furious mother venting over her daughter not having a slice of birthday cake or the more sad story of a mum left devastated after only two children turned up to her son's birthday bash.

This particular story has really divided parents, as a mum from Sydney has asked guests of her four-year-old daughter's party to gift cash instead of presents.

The anonymous mum took to the Sydney Mums Facebook Group to explain her reasoning.

The mum has asked for cash instead of presents.

The mum wrote on Facebook: "My four-year-old is turning five soon and we are planning a birthday party for her.

"Is it okay to mention in the invite that we would prefer cash contributions rather than gifts? The intention is to have a compilation and then get her to go shopping for her a gift of her choice.

"We just live in a two-bedroom unit, so we don't really have space for a huge amount of toys."

The mum concluded the post by asking her fellow Sydney mothers whether they would request such a thing at their children's parties.

However, most mums disagreed with the woman's party etiquette, saying they wouldn't ask for money.

One parent said: "I don't think many people would be happy reading that invite. It puts them in the awkward position of trying to figure out the 'right' amount to give."

A second agreed: "This is awkward, especially if it's a daycare/school friend that you don't know that well. What's acceptable? Also, I think part of the joy at their age is opening up the gifts and it being a surprise."

Cake might be there, but presents are not wanted.

Meanwhile, a third remarked: "I personally think it's a little rude and if you ask for cash then it could make people uncomfortable."

Others were in the camp of asking for money isn't the worst idea, even going as far as saying it is a good idea.

One Facebook user wrote: "We asked for cash instead of a gift for our daughter and have used this money on her swimming/dance classes instead. We were moving and expecting a baby so the 'stuff' would not have been appreciated."

And a second added: "I don’t see anything wrong with asking for cash instead of gifts. Makes it easier for parents gifting the child!"

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