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People are questioning their relationships after learning about the 'Doritos theory'

People are questioning their relationships after learning about the 'Doritos theory'

Those triangle crisps have a lot to answer for

Food and relationship theories might seem an unlikely combination, but weirdly enough, a concept likened to a moreish snack is hitting home to many on the internet.

Doritos, in whatever flavour you prefer, have become the unlikely subject of a relationship theory that can indicate it's time to call it quits with your other half.

Gathering pace on social media, the handily dubbed 'Doritos Theory' has been trending online and on TikTok alone it has reached more than half a million views.

'Dorito Theory' has been gaining traction online.

But if you're still trying to work out how the triangle crisps related to you and your other half (to be frank, we are too), then there's an explanation about what it means and why it could be a sign your relationship is on the way out.

TikTok user Celeste Aria explained the theory: "The idea is that only experiences that aren't truly satisfying are maximally addictive.

"So imagine eating Doritos. When you eat a Dorito and finish your bite, you're not fully satisfied.

"It’s not the same as eating a steak or eating really satiating food that's high in protein, where after you bite you really feel that fullness and that warmth of satisfaction."

She further explained that eating a crisp is addictive because 'the peak of the experience is kind of when you're first tasting it and not after' and that 'the experience itself is not satisfying in the end'.

The theory indicates that if you're mindlessly stuffing yourself on Doritos you could be addicted to them but not enjoying them, and the same for your love life.

While useful for relationships, the TikToker went on to suggest the theory could apply to ‘lots of very addictive things in life’.

She added: "With Dorito theory - just this idea that things that aren’t actually satisfying are the ones that are maximally addictive and that’s why I want them - I think I can identify those areas and try to avoid them more effectively."

Psychologist Reneé Carr has also spoken about what this means when you're experiencing something but not paying attention, as she told USA Today: "Not experiencing satiation when engaging in a particular activity or in a relationship can influence you into staying in a situation that is not truly satisfying, not healthy and not happy.

"Because you experience just enough satisfaction, we mistakenly think that full satisfaction is possible – leading us to stay longer or invest more energy unnecessarily."

If the 'Doritos Theory' feels familiar it could be a sign your relationship is on its way out.

The Doritos theory also appears to have resonated with TikTok users, as one said: "Wow this is game changing."

Another added: "Yes. The men who barely give me what i need. I’ve been learning to give them up quicker once i find out," a second added.

A third commented: "My situationship is defo a Dorito."

Whilst a fourth wrote: "You just improved my life my dear! *relabels that man in my phone as Dorito*."

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