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Women show how 'the girlfriend effect' is having an impact on their partners

Women show how 'the girlfriend effect' is having an impact on their partners

Women have taken to TikTok to share how the phenomenon dubbed the 'girlfriend effect' is changing their other halves for their better

Everyone wants to look good for their partners, right?

Well, it turns out that men regularly up their game when it comes to style, skincare and overall appearance once they get into a relationship.

Women are taking to taking to social media to talk about the phenomenon — dubbed the 'girlfriend effect' — and share the impact it has had on their partners.

One TikTok video, shared by @yzelleduran about her husband, has received more than 3.3 million views on the platform.

In the video, Yzelle shares multiple clips of her husband prior to their relationship and it's safe to say he's not exactly looking his best.

Viewers are then shown what Yzelle's husband looks like now, with pictures showing him in a series influencer-esq poses following his style overall.

She cheekily captioned the clip: “The ‘girlfriend effect’ is so real cause look at my husband.”

And it’s not just women who are feeling the ‘girlfriend effect’.

Yzelle shared a picture of her husband before they met.

Another TikToker @gabesco gained an insane 20.6 million views on a similar video he posted about how much his appearance had improved thanks to his girlfriend.

Prior to meeting his partner, he dressed in white khakis and thrifted women's blouses and crop tops and blue jeans.

And AG (after girlfriend), he ditched those outfits for puffer jackets and a sweatshirt, as well as a brand new hairstyle.

However, the 'girlfriend effect' can definitely have its downsides.

Some TikTokers have expressed concerns about how the trend potentially rids men of their personal style and clothes that make them happy.

But some argue that these 'makeovers' are ridding men of their personal style.

In one video, @velvteenrabbit explained that women unintentionally risked ‘overhauling their boyfriends and completely redesigning them.’

They explained: "If this woman is helping him find a more tasteful way of executing his personal style, that's one thing. But a lot of women are not doing that.

"They are just purely telling their boyfriends what to wear and getting rid of any sort of personal style that these boys have accumulated for themselves."

While it's great to share style tips and advice with your other half, you're risking taking away what makes them.. well them! And you could also face the risk of upsetting them, depending on how you choose to share your thoughts.

As one user commented on Yzelle’s video: “The girlfriend effect only works if the guy wants it to.”

At the other end of the spectrum, women are also taking to TikTok to talk about the 'boyfriend air,' a rather depressing counter trend which shows them getting more and more dishevelled as they spend more time with their other half and less time on self-care.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@yzelleduran

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