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Woman faces backlash after for telling followers ‘never date broke men’

Woman faces backlash after for telling followers ‘never date broke men’

The TikToker has received backlash for saying to 'never date broke men'

Dating advice is often given out usually with good intentions but it's sometimes not always well received or welcomed.

Case in point, TikToker Sofia Kralow, who has attracted a lot of criticism for her pearls of wisdom, namely that women should 'never date broke men'.

You can see her video here:

And it appears that Kralow is speaking from experience as she is living the high life with her rich hubby in Dubai.

She has urged other women to 'raise their standards', writing: "Your daily reminder to never date broke men."

Accompanying these words is multiple clips showing Kralow enjoying a lavish lifestyle.

Sofia Kralow has advised other women not to date 'broke men'.

The TikTok video shows her being travelling on a helicopter and being spoiled with high-end jewellery and watches.

Viewers can also catch a glimpse of expensive sports cars, designer bags and stacks of cash.

It's no wonder that she describes it as 'princess treatment'. She even got gifted a black sports car with a big bow tied across the front.

In other clips, she can be seen holding a bouquet of red roses, as she captioned the video: "POV [Point of view]: You married a rich Dubai man."

And with that came clips of fancy meals in expensive restaurants and diamond rings.

You get the gist.

However, it's fair to say that many didn't share her sentiments.

Kralow has advised that other women 'raise their standards'.

One wrote: "So we’re going back 100 years to being dependent on a man’s salary again? Great message."

Another commented: "If I love him I don’t care if he’s rich or broke," whilst a third chimed in: "I thank myself for all I got. No need to have a man take care of me."

And a fellow critic remarked: "Like it's so easy to do that," as somebody else said: "It is better you find your own money...worth it!"

In response to one criticising comment, Kralow made a video where she said: "Can someone tell me the connection between never dating a broke man and being dependent on a rich man or any man?

"Because if you are dating a rich man, you can be rich by yourself also!"

For this, she got some support, as one person wrote: "You do you babe! Live your life, forget the haters."

"Girl don’t answer to haters u do u!" someone else said.

She's not the only woman to have fallen in love with a wealthy man.

Damea Williams fell in love with her sugar daddy, who is 36 years her senior, and the pair are now engaged.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@sofiakralow

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