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Mum left heartbroken after daughter un-invites entire family to her wedding

Mum left heartbroken after daughter un-invites entire family to her wedding

Bride-to-be Kayla left Kleinfeld's consultant Lisa in shock after revealing why her family won't be attending her wedding.

A bride-to-be defended her decision to un-invite her entire family from her wedding.

Kayla and her fiancé, Anthony, decided to tie the knot in Tuscany, Italy. However, even though Kayla’s family are supportive of their union and excited for them to become husband and wife, they won’t be able to see it in person.

It’s very clear that Kayla gets her way, as during her episode of Say Yes to the Dress, she said that her fiancé’s answer to everything is ‘whatever makes you happy’.

During a trip to the famous bridal store - Kleinfeld’s - with her sister, mum and stepmum, Kayla explains that she’s looking for the ideal dress for her Italian wedding. With the wedding only two months away, Kayla needs a dress after buying one she fell out of love with.

“Everyone likes it and I did but then I put it on when it came in and it just didn’t fit me the way I wanted it to fit me,” she told Kleinfeld’s consultant Lisa, who was in shock. “I said I would not touch satin with a ten-foot pole and the whole entire skirt is satin.”

A destination wedding is a fabulous choice for couples wanting to celebrate their nuptials in a gorgeous location away from their usual town surroundings along with their friends and family. However, because a destination wedding usually requires some form of travel, it may become difficult for guests to attend.

Lisa, who loves Italy, is beyond excited for Kayla’s destination wedding, however, the conversation takes an awkward turn when she finds out about the guest list.

“You must be so excited about going to Italy,” Lisa asked mum, Danyelle Khaled, who swiftly confirms that the family are not going to Italy with Kayla.

Kayla explained why her family won't be at her wedding.

“We’re not going with her. She’s going to Italy, she’s getting married, but she’s coming back to Houston to have a reception with the whole family.”

When a shocked Lisa clarifies that the entire family aren’t going to Italy, Kayla explained: “We couldn’t bring the entire family.”

Lisa is shocked that Kayla’s mother isn’t allowed to go, to which Danyelle said: “I just can’t even imagine going to sleep at night and thinking, ‘my daughter is getting married and I’m not going to be there.’”

When speaking to the Say Yes to the Dress camera crew, Danyelle said: “It’s very heartbreaking that my first daughter is getting married and the moment that she’s there and looks Anthony in the face and says ‘I do’, I’m not gonna be there. I just feel like I can’t miss it.”

Kayla reveals that her father and step-mum, Angela Cotie, plotted to surprise her by going to Italy, however, the bride-to-be shot down the idea when she found out.

“When you bring one, you bring 50 and it just turns into a really big thing and so I felt like keeping it very small and intimate was the best way to get what we truly wanted out of our wedding.”

The guests at the reception in Italy will be a Maid of Honour and Best Man.

Kayla's stepmum (left) and mum (right) won't be at the wedding in Italy.

Viewers were left in shock with Kayla’s decision, with many sharing their own heartbreak.

“As a motherless daughter, this makes me sad,” one person commented. “What i’d give to have my mum attend my wedding.”

Another commenter replied: “Same for me, mom AND dad. My mom left when I was 2 & has never been a part of my life except for trauma. My dad raised me but passed away. I got married but it was after my dad passed so I didn't even have a wedding. Then, several years later, my husband passed away on the exact anniversary of the day my dad passed. I'm sorry you're without your mom. Just know you aren't alone experiencing this.”

While another YouTube user wrote: “I feel for this mom; I can't imagine not having attended my daughter's wedding. There's no snowball effect. Parents and witnesses only! There's no do-over. I hope the bride doesn't regret her decision.”

A shocked viewer commented: “I couldn’t imagine not having my parents and sister at my wedding.”

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