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Couple slammed after charging guests almost £2,000 each to attend their wedding

Couple slammed after charging guests almost £2,000 each to attend their wedding

The heavy fee didn't even include drinks

A couple of newlyweds have been hit with heavy criticism after they charged guests £2,000 to attend their big day - and that didn’t even include drinks.

As anyone who has planned a wedding can attest, it can get very expensive pretty quickly - with flowers, outfits, invites, cars, photography, hair and makeup all adding up.

However, most folks will simply set themselves a budget and stick to it - but one couple decided that they’d attempt to claw some of their cash back by charging guests almost £2,000 to attend.

Taking to Reddit, the friend of a bloke, whose name was changed to Jack for the purpose of anonymity, who had been invited to the wedding, said he received an email in the run up to the wedding thanking him for RSVP-ing with a link at the bottom that read: “Click here for payment.”

Jack assumed the link was for a honeymoon fund but was shocked after clicking through and discovering that the happy couple were requesting people stump just under £2,000 before going along on the day.

After initially thinking it was some sort of mistake, Jack rang the venue and was told by staff that it was legit and that the couple ‘thank you for your contribution to enabling them to have their dream wedding’.

The guests were asked to pay £2,000 before attending the wedding.
Pexels/Jeremy Wong

While I’d personally have ran a mile, Jack decided to cough up but consoled himself with the thought of rinsing the free bar and scoffing as much food as he could to at least try and get some of his money’s worth.

However, his plans were scuppered upon arriving at the nuptials and being told drink wasn’t actually included - meaning he had to pay another £30 on top - as well as £200 tip on top of that.

The Redditor added: “After the wedding Jack checked the cost of the venue, and calculated that the cost had been spread amongst the guests but NOT the bride and groom, so they had basically got a free wedding out of it.”

One Reddit user branded the wedding a ‘scam’.
Pexels/Clem Onojeghuo

As you can imagine, fellow Reddit users were left reeling by the ‘entitled’ couple, with one person commenting: “I would get in touch with the bride and groom and ask for a refund.”

Another said: I’m sorry (not sorry) but I would never pay to attend a wedding, let alone pay $2000. The entitlement is overflowing here.”

A third wrote: “Your friend Jack and every other guest were absolute idiots for just meekly going along with this scam.”

While someone else added: “Once I saw the payment screen, I would have called and canceled my RSVP.

"I don't care who the bride and groom are to me. You want a specific type of wedding, pay for it yourself. What they did was down right tacky.”

Featured Image Credit: Todd Pearson/Matthew Troke/Getty Images

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