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Man makes long-distance girlfriend pillow stitched with his chest hair for her to sleep with

Man makes long-distance girlfriend pillow stitched with his chest hair for her to sleep with

You just don't understand the love it takes for a man to stitch his chest hair into a pillow

A man we are sincerely hoping is single has taken to TikTok to unveil what he believes to be his greatest invention, a pillow for his long distance girlfriend with his own chest hair stitched into it.

We won't sugar-coat it, long distance relationships can kind of suck and you might end up turning to some... unusual methods to get over being apart from those dearest in the world to you.

If you don't want to invest in fancy and weird technology then a more homemade, or perhaps in this case homegrown, approach might suit you better.

At least that's what TikToker Reilly Fitzsimmons appears to believe as he posted a video saying he'd come up with the perfect gift for his girlfriend when she was far, far away and missing him.

As you can probably guess from the title of this piece the video proceeded to show him plucking out chest hairs and stitching them into a pillow for her.

Apparently this is 'so she can pretend she's laying on my chest every night', and at this point we're pretty sure this is a wind-up.

Footage nonetheless showed him artistically assembling what he said was his hair across the pillow in the shape of a heart 'so she knows I love her'.

As you might have guessed, this very hairy pillow gave lots of people the ick, and we really do mean lots as the video went viral and over three million people have had the displeasure of watching a man sew chest hair into a pillow.

One person said 'please don't', while another told the comment section, 'my smile has never disappeared this fast'.

A third said: "I think I would be so scared," while a fourth seemed much more receptive to the chest hair pillow and said: "This would work on me."

I hope she runs away.

We can really empathise with the commenter who said: "I miss the person I was two minutes ago," because that is such a mood.

Some people ended up tagging other folks we really hope are their partners, as they promised to engage in the same pillow-making antics.

Another of his weird inventions, and we hope an indicator that he's taking the p**s and not really serious about this, is the toilet seat warmer made out of hairs he plucked off his own legs.

It looks as disgusting as that sounds, and the TikToker also claims he made his girlfriend a pair of shorts out of Starburst wrappers because she likes the sweet so much.

We've got to say that if this isn't a joke then we might just have found proof that there really is someone for everyone, even the people who make pillows out of their chest hair.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok / @rrrye

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