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People are losing their minds over makeup artist's wild wedding story

People are losing their minds over makeup artist's wild wedding story

TikTok users can't believe what they're hearing

The stresses of planning a wedding have been known to turn even the most commonly calm and collected wives-to-be into complete and utter bridezillas.

And amongst those that usually face the brunt of a stressed out bride on her big day - along with the husband - are her hair and make-up artists.

This week, one social media MUA has left her followers, quite frankly, FLABBERGHASTED after revealing her experience giving her first ever bride a makeover back in 2022.

Hannah Hill began her four-minute long tale by emphasising that her communication with the Leeds-born bride-to-be had been far from smooth-sailing ahead of the nuptials, which would be taking place in Jersey.

But, after a string of unanswered messages and concern that the wedding was no longer going ahead, the TikTok star was asked to be at the hotel the next day for 8am to do the bridal party's make-up.

Arriving at the venue's reception and asking for the hotel number, the makeup artist reveals she went up to the designated room and could hear two people getting down and dirty on the other side of the door.

She then 'double-checked with the hotel', only for them to confirm that she was at the right room.

Hannah had heard people having sex in the bride's room.

Knocking on the door again, she reveals that a man then left the room but that she 'didn't think anything of it'.

"Some soon-to-be husband and wife do spend the night before their wedding together, so I just thought, you know, they're a bit late leaving the room," Hannah goes on.

The bride then reportedly peeps her head through the door to ask her if she's the make-up artist she's been waiting for.

"She has last night's make-up on, hasn't washed her hair and stinks of alcohol," the TikToker reveals.

The bridesmaids then allegedly rocked up 'in no better state than the bride', bringing more champagne, prosecco and rose into the room with them to have their make-up done.

After a gruelling few hours, Hannah and the hairstylists manage to get the bridal party looking up to scratch for the big day before they turned their attention to the bride herself.

Hannah spilled the tea on TikTok.

"By this point, the bridesmaids are getting a little bit more p****d, a little bit louder - the music is getting turned up. I can't even hear myself think.

"And one of the bridesmaids - I think it was the sister - shouted out, 'So, who was here last night then?' You can imagine my face."

It is then it dawns on a blown-away Hannah that the man who left the room earlier was NOT the groom...

"I'm ready to hear all gossip, but at the same time, I just started doing the bride's eye make-up and I was like, please, this is not the time for the girl to start tearing up, but obviously, she starts crying."

Hannah explains she then told the bride to take a bathroom break to compose herself, during which one of the bridesmaids told the bride's mother what had gone down the night before.

"The mum then storms into the hotel room, walks up to the bride, points her finger at her and goes 'You dirty, little slu*!'" the MUA recalls.

Hannah revealed that the bride went ahead with the wedding.

"Anyway, cut a long story short, she basically had an affair and cheated on her husband the right before the wedding. The man that left the hotel room in the morning, that I politely said hello to, was just a randomer!"

Hannah then confirmed that she eventually finished the bride's make-up, and that she 'did go and get married that day', but that she never paid the remaining 50% fee for her makeover.

Naturally, Hannah's story has left her online followers in a state of shock, with many expressing their disbelief in the comments.

"Nooo!! I’ve had my fair share of mad wedding morning stories but this is next level," one penned.

Another advised her: "She didn’t pay?? Girl find that groom and spill the beans".

"LOOOOOOOL WOW I wonder if she is stilllll married - being a supplier for a wedding you see SOOO much," wrote a third.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@hannahlouisehilll

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