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Woman claims bizarre 'shoe theory' means your boyfriend is going to dump you

Woman claims bizarre 'shoe theory' means your boyfriend is going to dump you

She took to TikTok to discuss the viral theory

While it's been cuffing season for many this festive period, it's clear we're definitely seeing a few holiday break-ups as we approach the big day.

Now, there's a viral 'shoe theory' making its rounds all over TikTok which highlights key warning sign that means your partner is going to bin you off.

Some people may find the theory - which first popped up around this time last year - a load of nonsense, but it's clear heaps of people in the dating scene have lived experiences of the dreaded 'shoe theory'. Check it out:

One woman, who goes by the handle @angela.chaan, took to TikTok to explain a little more about the theory.

She began by telling viewers: "I have been seeing the 'shoe theory' all over TikTok, so let's talk about it."

Angela continued: "I have been hearing about the 'shoe theory' from my mum since I was young and it essentially says that if you gift someone a pair of shoes, they will eventually walk out on you."

In other words, the TikToker carried on, don't gift either your significant other or your loved ones a pair of shoes as, according to the 'shoe theory', that means you will be destined for a 'break up' or that your relationship 'might eventually fizzle out'.

The theory says if you buy someone a pair of shoes then they'll eventually 'walk out' on you.

Angela explained that the origin of the theory is that the Chinese word for shoes 'sounds the same' as the word for bad luck.

"So hopefully you didn't get someone a pair of shoes this holiday season," she concluded. "But if you don't like someone and want them out of your life..."

She captioned the clip: "Here is what I’ve been taught about the 'shoes theory' growing up."

The video has since clocked up more than 2.1 million views on the platform alongside thousands of comments from people eager to share their views on the dating theory.

Reckon you'll still be gifting shoes this Christmas?
Witthaya Prasongsin / Getty Images

One TikTok user penned: "Not me wondering what will happen because I bought him shoes..."

A second quipped: "Not my ex buying me shoes at Christmas and me leaving him a month later."

"Does this include slippers?" asked a third. "I need to know before Christmas morning."

A fourth chimed in: "Dang I give my husband shoes all the time lol 15 years together."

"My ex begged me for some shoes and still walked out on me," revealed another while a final TikTok user added: "Why didn’t I know this last year!!!"

What do you make of the 'shoe theory'?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@angela.chaan / Witthaya Prasongsin/Getty Images

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