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Relationship expert reveals seven things that make you 'instantly irresistible' to men

Relationship expert reveals seven things that make you 'instantly irresistible' to men

If you're looking for love this new year, you might want to take a look at these questionable tips and tricks

If your New Years resolution is to throw yourself into the dating pool in 2024, or you've set your heart on finding that someone special, a relationship expert has listed her top tips for making yourself 'irresistible' to men.

Warning, royally misogynistic, jaw-dropping content below.

According to Australian dating expert, Louanne Ward - who has worked with thousands of couples over the span of 25 years - the way that men choose their romantic interests is vastly different to the way that women do.

That's because 'what they value isn't always what you think'.

Despite the Perth-born relationship pro insisting that 'not all men are created equal so there is no one size that fits all', she has contrived a list of the seven characteristics that the majority of men are looking for in a woman.

"Some of these things may be less important to certain men but there are things on this list all men care about and need in a relationship," she told press ahead of her list.

"I think you know which ones they are. And don't shoot the messenger... I'm just going to speak some truths."

Louanne has worked with thousands of couples in her 25 years as a dating expert.
Jamie Gill

Don't worry Louanne, we're not blaming you...

Anyway, in the top spot for the list of 'irresistible' traits is a woman's 'ability to be feminine'.

By this, the dating veteran emphasised that this doesn't refer to a woman being a 'feminist', but having 'feminine power' and 'feminine energy'.

And apparently, the 'surefire way' of putting a man off is to have 'I don't need a man' energy. YAWN!

Secondly - and not surprisingly - the way a woman looks is a huge contributor in what makes her attractive to the average male.

Apparently, however, this isn't just linked to how much make-up you wear or how you style your hair - it's 'the way you look after yourself, the way you look after your house, the way you look after your health, the way you look after them.'

A woman's ability to look after herself is high up on the list.
10'000 Hours/Getty

Third on the list is a woman's ability to control her emotions, as 'rational' daters are the most in favour with men looking for love.

"Being vulnerable is different than being irrational," Louanne explained.

"Be able to talk about the way you feel rather than ranting and raving and blaming and nagging."

Your ability to be supportive is another factor that will reportedly make men unable to resist your charm.

By this, apparently men want women who'll support their career goals and biggest dreams. This one I can get on board with - we all want someone looking out for us.

Men want a supportive woman.

In fifth - surprisingly not higher up the list - is a woman's sex drive, with Louanne adding: "I'm sure that's not a big surprise to anyone".

Next up is a woman's ability to 'own your own s**t'. This doesn't mean having your own house or car, but being able to own up to your own mistakes and apologise for them.

And lastly, one factor that men apparently find 'irresistible' is exhibiting care and kindness.

"This is your ability to show your appreciation, your ability to give compliments, your ability to say thank you," Louanne said.

"Of course, this is only a very basic list and I'm not saying that all men care about all of these things, but there's a few on there that all men care about."

N'aww - maybe they're not all as shallow as we first thought...

Featured Image Credit: Credit: Instagram/@loueannward

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