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Woman reveals she ‘accidentally’ found out she was having affair with her friend's husband

Woman reveals she ‘accidentally’ found out she was having affair with her friend's husband

She took to Instagram to explain the wild story

A woman has revealed exactly how she 'accidentally' found out she was having an affair with her friend's husband.

Honey Brooks, an OnlyFans star and influencer from Australia who previously hit headlines after admitting she lets her husband sleep with other women, took to Instagram to share her story of 'shock and heartbreak' after finding out she'd accidentally had an 'affair' with her best mate's husband.

She started the explanation video telling viewers: "I woke up this morning realising I have broken up one of my friends' marriages."

Starting off by calling the whole ordeal 'insane', Honey began by explaining she had an anonymous subscriber who subscribed to her page 'like six months ago'.

"The sub joins and he buys all my content, like within the first week, which was absolutely crazy, because I have so much," she continued.

"So he bought absolutely everything. He was online every night, doing what we do at night, and they got to a stage where there was just no more content left for him to buy so he asked if there was a more personalised experience for him to purchase."

At this point in the video, Honey explained that she offered a 'girlfriend experience' option on her page but it is 'quite expensive'.

"It basically means that a seller can pay me to be their girlfriend for a week or a month or however long they want to," she went on.

OnlyFans star Honey Brooks took to Instagram to share the wild story.

The package involves 'priority messaging', 'doing fun things every night' and 'video calls' with Honey adding: "Basically like an online girlfriend, I am yours for the week."

This subscriber, however, continued with the 'girlfriend experience' for three months straight which the Aussie influencer said was 'such a long time' as, normally, no one ever 'goes over the month'.

She carried on: "So he's spending a lot of money and spending a lot of intimate time with me."

However, seemingly out of the blue, the man 'disappears off the face of the Earth' which Honey recalling: "We go from speaking every single day and then he's just gone. He's completely gone.

"It was so bizarre because I was like, 'This is so odd'. I didn't know if he had died or dropped off the face of the earth. I was so confused!"

However, on one particular morning a couple days ago, Honey got to the bottom of the mystery.

"But now, this morning, it all make sense," she continued. "He didn't jump off the face of the Earth."

The man stopped messaging her because - shocker - his wife found out.

Honey was 'absolutely gutted' by the whole ordeal.

And, to make matters worse, Honey also knew the husband of her best friend and had even 'met him multiple times'.

"Like we literally go out on family dates, like on dinner dates with all our families," she revealed.

While admitting that she loves her job, Honey did say it sometimes gets 'so weird'.

"Now I'm thinking to myself, 'Have I unknowingly had an affair with one of my best friends' husbands?'" she wondered.

And as for the friend?

Well, she messaged Honey and was obviously quite upset.

Honey said: "I've been on the phone to her all day and I love her so much. She's so great. She obviously didn't blame me.

"I explained to her that I had no idea and she assumed that that was the case anyway, because I'm not that kind of person."

However, in another plot twist, the husband apparently managed to persuade Honey's friend that the OnlyFans creator was aware it was him the entire time, and now she's 'blocked on everything'.

She told the Daily Mail: "She didn't want to talk to me but from the details I got from her he was saying that I knew who he was the whole time, it was pre-planned, and we were basically planning on getting together."

She added that she thought the friendship was broken beyond repair. Yikes.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@honeybrooksvip

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