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Couple say they are 'stronger than ever' after agreeing to sleep with other people

Couple say they are 'stronger than ever' after agreeing to sleep with other people

Matt turned his exes cheating on him into his kink

Usually when your partner starts sleeping with other people, it’s a sign that it’s all over. But for some couples, it’s a key part of their relationship.

And for this pair, agreeing to sleep with other people has made them ‘stronger than ever’.

Matt, 36, used to get cheated on by his exes while he was away in the army but when he met Zoe, 31, four and a half years ago, he turned this into a kink.

He allowed Zoe to go and have fun with other men – just so long as she sent videos. And Zoe realised she wanted the same for Matt, resulting in them opening up their relationship.

“It's different to any other relationship I have ever been in, but I have never been in a happier relationship. There is so much trust between us," Zoe said.

Zoe, from Cambridgeshire, UK.

“The fact we can have fun with other people eliminates the worry of cheating, lying, and sneaking around. The connection we have together is so strong, and our relationship is so solid."

Matt was open with his kink as soon as the pair met, and she says it was ‘something we both got off on’.

And after a few months, Zoe told him she also wanted to watch him with other women.

“It was alien territory for him, and he was nervous when we first went to a club, but now we have the most amazing relationship, and we are happier than we have ever been."

The open couple used a website at first and then started going to clubs too.

Zoe and Matt have 'no trust issues'.

Now, they attend private events together where they ‘play together’ and ‘don’t separate’.

"When we first started doing it, we had a rule of no kissing other people as it felt a lot more intimate, but over time this has changed, and now we are both open to kissing other people,” Zoe explained.

“Our main ground rules now are that we both have to find the other couple or person attractive, being safe and using protection.”

Zoe said that being so ‘open and honest’ means they have ‘no trust issues’.

And while it’s brought them closer together, she does admit that sometimes there can be jealousy.

Zoe and Matt have been together for four and a half years.

“It's only natural, but we just express how we feel to each other and talk through it. Communication is key,” she said.

Any negativity doesn’t faze Zoe and Matt as they know how well their relationship works for them and makes them ‘happier’, pointing out it: “Also eliminates the issues of cheating, lying, and sneaking around, as usually people try and do this behind their partner's backs.”

Zoe added: “We're extremely happy, and everyone we have met in the lifestyle is also extremely happy with their choices. Everyone is so friendly, and there is no judgment. We've made lifelong friends by doing this too.”

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@mattandzoex/Caters

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