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Woman reveals new ‘Cavoodle method’ she swears by to make any man obsessed with her that has 'changed lives'

Woman reveals new ‘Cavoodle method’ she swears by to make any man obsessed with her that has 'changed lives'

It turns out to be something many people have been doing ‘unknowingly’

A woman has shared a new dating method that she believes will make any man obsessed with her, claiming it ‘works every time’.

TikToker Pheveya posted a video to talk us through her theory, having labelled the ingenious yet simple approach the ‘Cavoodle method’.

Robert Irwin I love you so much,” she wrote in the caption – something that will soon become relevant, I promise.

It turns out to be something many people have been doing ‘unknowingly’, although with their own variation on the theme.

“I invented this method last year and it has changed lives,” Pheveya said in her video.

Pheveya said her method had 'changed lives'.

What is the Cavoodle method?

You see, Pheveya is obsessed with Cavoodles – a dog breed that’s a cross between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Poodle – and Robert Irwin (see, told you he’d come up again).

Other people might be fixated on other things, like Taylor Swift or pickles, but the same principle applies whatever it is.

As Pheveya is known to have huge obsessions with those two things, she’s often associated with them – and vice versa.

So strong was the association, that she inadvertently led her ex-boyfriend to think about her whenever he saw a Cavoodle.

“I unknowingly talked about Cavoodles so much with an ex to the point where every single time he saw something Cavoodle-related, he would think of me,” she explained.

“He would send me Instagram reels and TikToks before we even started dating.”

How the Cavoodle method works

“Have something that you are extremely obsessed with,” Pheveya said.

“For example, mine is Cavoodles - mine now is Robert Irwin, and everyone sends me stuff on Robert Irwin, but when I invented this method it was Cavoodles.

“I’m obsessed with Cavoodles. I talk about them all the time.”

You can see why Pheveya is obssessed.
Alan Tunnicliffe Photography/Getty Stock Image

She said her ex would recognise that ‘Pheveya likes Cavoodles’ whenever he saw one, or a product related to one.

“He would send me Instagram reels, TikTok reels, everything - before we even started dating,” she said.

“Fast forward, we start dating. I asked him, ‘What made you wanna date me?’

“And he said, ‘Everywhere I went and there was a Cavoodle, I thought of you, so I was thinking about you a lot.”

Pheveya said that even though they’ve since split, he still thinks of her every time he sees a Cavoodle, sometimes also known as Cavapoos.

'My Cavoodle is Harry Styles'

Pheveya said her best friend does the exact same with ramen noodles, meaning if the guy she’s seeing spots them in the shop, he would text her.

“Ramen is associated with her, to him, every single day now,” she said.

Pheveya said people now send her TikTok videos and Instagram photos of Robert Irwin because she talks about him ‘so much’.

“So what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna obsess over something – this could be Harry Styles, this could be a pet, an animal, a book, a story, a movie,” she said, adding that she knows someone who ‘talks about The Notebook so much’ that she thinks of them whenever it pops up on Netflix.

As Pheveya noted, many people in the comments said it’s something they’d already been doing, sometimes without realising.

Warning: contains explicit language

“Mine is Hello Kitty,” one said.

“Poetry was my Cavoodle n this guy I used to talk to would send me poetry posts from his explore page,” someone else wrote.

A third said: “My Cavoodle is Harry Styles. Any time he sees Harry, he thinks of me.”

Another said they ‘always do this unknowingly’, while one reckoned it was similar to having a ‘signature scent’.

Proving Pheveya’s own theory worked perfectly, one added: “Holyyy girl this works so well cause a Robert Irwin video just came up on my FYP and it made me think of this video.”


Featured Image Credit: TikTok/pheveya

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