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Woman who slept with over 300 people in one year was dumped by 'regular' who learned her body count

Woman who slept with over 300 people in one year was dumped by 'regular' who learned her body count

Annie Knight racked up an impressive 300 lovers last year, but has now been dumped by a 'regular' who discovered her body count

While it's never okay to judge someone based on their body count, 26-year-old Aussie-local Annie Knight left readers staggered last week after revealing she'd racked up an eyebrow-raising 300 lovers within the space of a year.

Proudly known as Down Under's 'most sexually active woman', OnlyFans content creator Annie recently spoke about her sex life during an appearance on The Kyle and Jackie O Show.

"Sex makes me feel good," she told the radio presenters, after admitting she'd accumulated an impressive 300 sexual partners within a 12 month period.

"It's meant to make you feel good. It's just fun and exciting. It's messy; the messier the sex, the better. I felt empowered afterward."

Despite being extremely open about her intimate antics - sitting in the top 0.4 percent of creators on OnlyFans and earning an astounding $1,000 (£518) per day - Annie this week revealed her sex life had tragically impacted her love life.

Annie opened up about her recent heartbreak.

Sharing a new video to Instagram, Annie admitted that one of her 'regular' partners - a 'pretty good guy' - had ghosted her after discovering her total body count.

Insisting she has always been honest with her sexual partners about the reality that they're not the only one sharing her bed, Gold Coast resident Annie told viewers: "One of my regulars has ghosted me since seeing all these news articles about me.

"I guess he didn't know that I had a rotation and that he was one of my regulars, so whoopsies."

Annie revealed one of her 'regulars' had ghosted her.

The x-rated Internet star continued: "I mean, I'm always honest with them when they ask me, but if they don't ask me, I'm not going to bring it up. So I guess you've seen the articles and he freaked out and was like, 'I don't want to be with this girl', which kind of sucks.

"He was a pretty good guy. I thought better of him, but if he's going to judge me, then he can go f*** himself, quite literally, because he's not going to be f***ing me."

When it comes to arranging her sexual encounters, Annie previously revealed she uses dating apps to meet her suiters, as well as utilising her popularity on OnlyFans to find the best of the bunch.

Annie was recently fired from her job.

The blonde beauty also confessed to scheduling around eight partners per week, and that on the odd occasion where they try to get cuddly after sleeping together, she's "not about that".

Discussing her online success, she previously explained: "I'm very consistent. I send a video out every day, and I always post photos every day."

But it wasn't always an easy gig for Annie, after it was revealed earlier this month that she'd been fired from her job after her employers caught wind of her bedroom antics.

"The last thing I wanted to do was to get fired if someone found my OnlyFans," she previously told SBS News.

"I had just started a new job. I was on day five, and I actually went home sick that day and received an email saying termination of contract."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@anniekknight

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