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Mum fumes after finding out husband feeds their children cereal for breakfast

Mum fumes after finding out husband feeds their children cereal for breakfast

The mum said she wants her children to eat something 'more nutritionally dense' than what their dad currently gives them

A mum has sparked a heated debate about breakfast foods after revealing the cereal her husband gives their children.

The anonymous parent said her children, aged three and six, are sent to school by their dad with a bowl of cereal and fruit in the morning.

The mum wants her kids to have a more substantial breakfast.
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Although the mum doesn’t have a thing against cereal in general, she said it’s the type of cereal, which her husband deems as ‘suitable breakfast’, that is the centre of the debacle.

Taking to Mumsnet, the concerned parent asked the other mums on the forum if she’s being unreasonable.

In the post, titled ‘DH thinks Rice Krispies are a suitable breakfast’, she wrote: “That's it really, DH would happily send children (3&6) off to school/childminder on one bowl of Rice Krispies and a bit of fruit in the morning.

“I feel very strongly about filling kids tummies properly before school, and while I have no problem with a bowl of Rice Krispies now and then, that they are ultimately just puffs of air, and the children need something more nutritionally dense."

The mum said Rice Krispies are merely 'puffs of air'.
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She revealed an argument about their children’s breakfast happened the morning she posted the thread, on Tuesday (28 March) and she wants to know who is in the wrong.

The mum continued: “We argued about it properly this morning, and now he's in a huff about me undermining him. I just want to gauge what others think - is a bowl of Rice Krispies and a bit of fruit enough to keep a child's energy levels up all morning?”

The thread became hugely popular on the parenting forum and it seems many think the snap, crackle and pop cereal is a worthy brekkie feast.

“Totally fine,” one person commented.

Another seemingly agreed with the woman’s husband, writing: “Not everyone likes big breakfasts.”

Rice Krispies are her husband's breakfast of choice for their kids.
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A third Mumsnet user said they had a similar breakfast when they were younger.

“It's what I ate, with a banana everyday for years (school and above). I'd usually take a small snack for first break, like a Babybel or Ryvita and cream cheese and an apple, but I don't think I was ever particularly hungry,” they wrote.

While someone else wrote: “You may not like it for your children, but surely it is obvious that plenty of people do? It’s breakfast cereal that has been on shelves and in peoples breakfast bowls for decades. When I was a kid I used to have it with sliced banana and sultanas on top. And a spoon of sugar!”

Just in case you were wondering, Rice Krispies are not just ‘puffs of air’ in fact they are a source of vitamin D and made from multigrain, which contributes to the maintenance of normal bones, according to the Kellogg's website.

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