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Woman Pretends She’s Going On ‘Love Island’ After Her Boyfriend Ignores Her Texts

Woman Pretends She’s Going On ‘Love Island’ After Her Boyfriend Ignores Her Texts

This is genius.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

There's nothing more annoying than being ignored by your significant other.

But when Lily Jade Staw's boyfriend failed to reply to her messages, she came up with an incredible prank in order to ensure an instant response.

Lily, 19, from Doncaster, decided that the only thing for it was to tell him she was headed into the Love Island villa.

And you can bet he dropped whatever he was doing and got back to her straight away...

In a text to her boyfriend, she wrote: "Just to let u know I've been asked to go on Love Island and I've decided to go take the opportunity.

"I wanted to tell u today but after Saturday I won't be able to talk to u as I'm going into lockdown."

She added: "It was nice knowing you." LOL.

As you'd expect, as soon as Lily's boyfriend thought there was a chance she could be off to South Africa to flirt up a storm he was instantly back in contact.

"Answer the phone now," he immediately wrote back to her.

Lily Jade Straw pranked her boyfriend in the best way (
Instagram/ Lily Jade Straw)

The interaction was so funny that Lily couldn't help but share it on Twitter, posting a screenshot with the caption: "When ur boyfriend doesn't reply for a while drastic actions are the only option."

And it's since been retweeted 3,600 times, and 'liked' a whopping 37,400 times on the social media platform.

When quizzed on Twitter, Lily revealed she and her boyfriend had "fallen out" before she sent the text.

But the row didn't last long after the text was sent, as when praised online for the hilarious move, she added: "He soon answered," alongside a laughing emoji.

Speaking to Tyla, Lily explained what happened in the aftermath of the message.

"He rang me... I was on the phone to my friend trying to stop laughing first to make it believable but when I answered I just started laughing," she revealed.

Lily Jade Straw tricked her boyfriend into thinking she was going in the villa (
Instagram/ Lily Jade Straw)

That's one way to diffuse an argument!

"Defo something I would do," one person wrote on Twitter after seeing the hilarious text.

While a second agreed: "HAAHAHAHA he was not impressed'.

Meanwhile, several more simply tagged their partners in the comments.

We'll be keeping this text for the next time we have a row with bae.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/ Lily Rose Straw

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