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Woman Left Mortified After Thinking She's Been Handed 'Valentine's Card' From A Stranger

Woman Left Mortified After Thinking She's Been Handed 'Valentine's Card' From A Stranger

Lucie Rigby, 23, from Manchester, shared the hilarity on her Facebook - and had social media users in stitches...

Lisa McLoughlin

Lisa McLoughlin

A woman has been left mortified after mistaking a flyer handed to her from an attractive man for a Valentine's Day card.

Lucie Rigby, 23, from Manchester, was working in the University of Manchester library last week when she thought she had been offered a declaration of love from an admirer.

The creative content producer was approached by the "hot bleached blonde" man, who asked about her day before handing her a baby pink card.

Lucie opened the note, which read 'Happy Valentines XOXO' on the front, expecting to read a heartfelt message but instead she found a QR code alongside a poem that said, "Rose are red, violets are blue, scan the QR code and find your next boo".

Lucie Rigby, 23, from Manchester, was left red-faced after the exchange (
Jam Press)

Holding out hope that the man had a crush on her, she thought the code was just a modern way of giving her his number but soon realised it showed information for a garage dance event.

She later shared the story on Facebook, which has racked up hundreds of likes and comments, much to users' chargrin.

The post reads: "Nahhh I'm fully dead. Shoutout to the hot boy in the library today that BROKE MY HEART after thinking I was getting a valentine's card for being mysterious and cute and aloof only for it to be a FLYER.

"Fair play to whoever designed this but I am broken inside hope ur happy jane xxx [sic]."

The inside featured a QR code she thought was his number (
Jam Press)

Facebook users were impressed at the club promoter's marketing tactic with one person commenting: "That's f***ing genius marketing level 100000000000000000 [sic]."

Someone else wrote: "Once again promoters know no limits."

Another Facebook user said: "Amazing. Genius."

Lucie said: "Well because I'm a narcissist and think I'm the main character I 100 per cent thought it was a Valentine's Day card and it had his number in.

The card was to promote a garage club night and handed out in the university library (
Jam Press)

"Honestly the hottest thing about him was his confidence. He literally just walked right up to me and started chatting a little. He had bleached blonde hair and a few piercings, a bit of a 90s style.

"Even when I saw the QR code inside I honestly thought he'd sent me a date request on a QR code. I'm delusional. It was only when I scanned the bloody QR code that I clocked what it was.

"It went to the event page for Ghosts of Garage. Even then I thought he was inviting me there but alas no - I then saw a bunch of them [the cards] in the toilets by the sink. Obviously I wasn't special."

She added: "My friends thought it was hilarious. They said I needed to come back down to earth and stop thinking everything is about me so I guess it's lesson learnt from their point of view.

"I also fall in love with every single person I lay eyes on so it's lesson learnt for me too."

Poor Lucie!

Featured Image Credit: Jam Press

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