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Shoppers are obsessed with Primark’s snuddie that’s perfect for moody girlfriends

Shoppers are obsessed with Primark’s snuddie that’s perfect for moody girlfriends

Primark's octopus snuddie is a game-changer if mood swings are affecting your relationship.

Sometimes, whether we like it our not, women can be moody, especially if they are PMSing, which is why it's important to know when they are feeling off.

Now, it will easier than ever for the ladies in your life to let you know when something is wrong thanks to this incredible snuddie from Primark. Take a look below:

It features the iconic plushie octopus with a face that shifts from happy to sad, only this time it's available in a wearable format.

The incredible new product has got the internet obsessed after Primark employee Beth Clare showcased it on TikTok.

The now-viral video, which has been liked over 300K times, was captioned: "Perfect for moody girlfriends so you know [whether] to go over or leave them alone."

It features Beth showing off the snuddie in all its glory.

She says: "Primark have blew it out the park with this snuddie.

"If you're happy, you can have the pink side. But it's reversible so if you're sad you can have it on this side."

Beth proudly shows off the happy and frowning octopuses as she speaks.

Primark's reversible octopus snuddie.

TikTok users went wild for the product.

One viewer wrote: "I need this for my daughters so I know when it's on the sad side to leave them alone and wait for them to come to me when they are ready."

"Thats me off to Primark today!!!" wrote a second user while a third added: "No cos why do I see people doing gender reveals with this thing."

"My bipolar would turn me into a quick change artist tbh," joked a fourth.

A fifth pointed out that the snuddie could be handy if you're partial to accidental spillages.

They wrote: "Imma just wear what side I ain't spilt dinner down."

While the snuddie is currently only available in-store, it may well become available online, as the budget clothing brand is trialing an online shop for the first time later this year.

Associated British Foods (ABF), the company that owns Primark, said the trial will enable 25 Primarks from the North West of England to sell their products online.

Primark is trailing an online shop later this year.
Alamy / Robert Convery

This will reportedly include around 2,000 items, and it will enable fans of the retailer to have greater choice with access to items not available in smaller stores.

"Our average-size stores are only able to stock a limited range and for these customers the number of options available to them will broadly double, increasing even more for customers of our small stores," ABF said.

"This trial will enable us to provide more fashion, licence and lifestyle products to more customers and more often."

What do you think of the snuddie?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok / @bethclare1

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