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Pregnant woman heartbroken after husband drunkenly admits to being in love with her sister

Pregnant woman heartbroken after husband drunkenly admits to being in love with her sister

The woman was totally shocked when her husband got drunk and admitted his feelings.

A pregnant woman has been left heartbroken after her husband drunkenly admitted to being in love with her sister.

The mum, who shared her story on Reddit, explained that she had been at her sister's house when her sister's boyfriend proposed on their balcony out of the blue.

While the family were super happy, once the woman was at home with her husband, she explained how he broke down in tears and confessed his love for her sister.

"We were just having pizzas and they were having beers in my sister's balcony and the BF just suddenly went down on his knees and took out a ring. She was very surprised but happy all the same and said yes," she said.

The pregnant woman is heartbroken after her husband drunkenly admitted to being in love with her sister.
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"When we went back home my husband was a little tipsy. He told me he wasn’t tired and that he’s going to take one more beer and watch TV and that I should go to bed.

"I went back to the living area and he was sitting there crying. I asked him what’s going on and he told me that he was in love with my sister. Has been for years but that he knew how wrong this was."

In an update, the woman later explained that her husband had apologised and the couple had agreed to getting some marriage counselling.

"He told me he loved me very much and he wanted for this to work for us and the baby," she said. "I asked him if he loved her more than me and he said it’s just a different type of love."

The woman asked for a separation in the meantime, and he moved into the basement while they underwent the counselling sessions.

But shortly afterwards, the woman's sister also revealed she's pregnant - and the news didn't go down well with the scorned husband.

"My husband was in a job interview in the other city and he was going to stay there for the week to sign a lease to a new apartment," she explained in an update.

"We thought we could try out the new life before selling our house to buy a new one there. My sister and her boyfriend made the announcement that they were expecting last Tuesday, the day after my husband’s interview.

"Not 30 minutes later my husband called me. He was drunk and he was crying and asking if it was true and if I knew.

The woman shared her shocking story on Reddit.
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"He called me a cruel liar for not telling him. He said it was so unfair."

After saying he 'needed to be alone for a while', her husband switched off his phone.

"Friday, he texted me that he didn’t want to be with me anymore and that he didn’t want to be in my daughter’s life. He was sorry but couldn’t do it anymore," she continued.

"If I agreed to free him from his responsibilities as a father he will leave me the house. I tried calling him but he had switched off his phone again. I cried all night."

The woman also explained that she told her sister everything and that her sister's fiancée was pretty angry about the whole situation.

She said: "I texted my husband that I’ve told my sister everything and that both her and her fiancée aren’t happy. He called me an hour later. He apologised and told me he didn’t mean to freak her out.

"He just wanted to see her and say goodbye but that he won’t bother her if she feels scared. He’s still the same man and wouldn’t let anything happen to her. He didn’t ask about me or my baby.

"He’s staying in the new place and he’s starting his new job in September. He thought he would come back to say goodbye before moving to his new city permanently."

Many encouraged the woman not to push her sister away.
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In a final update, the woman explained that her sister had messaged her and begged her not to move away.

"I hate it when she’s so perfect and kind. F**k off," she said.

And while other users on Reddit were quick to comment on the post, many encouraged her not to push her sister away.

One wrote: "I know you resent your sister right now but please don't push her away. You both need each other in this trying times, especially you as a single mother.

"You'll feel all sorts of negativity around her because of your POS ex husband but don't forget it's your ex who did this to you and your sister.

"Don't let him win even more by breaking you two apart, strengthen your bond even more now that there's no barrier between you two as sisters and soon to be mothers.

"Let him know how happy you are without his useless ass.

"There's no greater best friend than your sister who's been with you through ups and downs. Really wishing you the best OP."

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