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Polyamorous family admit they don't know who fathered two of their children

Polyamorous family admit they don't know who fathered two of their children

A polyamorous family don't know who their children's father's are and they don't want to know

A polyamorous family have said they don't know who the father of their children is and they aren't interested in finding out either.

In 2020, Alysia and Tyler Rogers joined families with Sean and Taya Hartless to form a polyamorous 'quad', with the four of them living and parenting together.

The quad share their lives and swap partners each night, though Sean and Tyler don't bunk up with each other and neither do Alysia and Taya.

They say two's company, three's a crowd and four is apparently a party, and to keep it that way, the quad makes sure that if some members of the four-ple need a bit of time to themselves to work things out it'll be given.

Alysia and Tyler already had two children and since the families joined up into one, both Taya and Alysia gave birth to sons within seven months of each other.

The four-parent 'polyfamory' have said they aren't bothered about who their children's biological father is.

They don't know which guy in the quad is the father of the boys and frankly they couldn't care less.

They said that they 'wanted to do everything we could to make sure that everybody feels like an equal parent' and explained that to them finding out who the biological father of the boys was didn't matter as 'genetics would change nothing'.

Regardless of biology, they've got two mums and two dads, and all the parents see it that way as well.

Taya explained that just a few years ago, she wouldn't have expected to be in a polyamorous relationship and was glad for the 'growth' that led her to this point.

She said: "If you would've told me four years ago that we would be in a polyamorous relationship with four kids I would've laughed in your face.

"Little did I know that it would be the best thing that ever happened to us. Thank god for growth. I love you, forever."

The polyamorous family have said communication is the key to their relationship.

However, they did make it clear that if their children ever wanted to find out that information for themselves, they wouldn't stand in anyone's way.

That'll be a decision the polyamorous family's kids make when they get older, but for now, the happy quad are focused on raising their children and have even joked about the idea that they would bother finding out the biological details.

People have been very supportive of the family decision, saying 'nobody needs to know' unless there's some sort of medical reason, while another agreed it 'doesn't matter' as the children will have four loving parents.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/polyfamory

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