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Mum receives kind note from stranger after ‘grumpy’ man hit out at her children mid-flight

Mum receives kind note from stranger after ‘grumpy’ man hit out at her children mid-flight

"Don’t let him spoil your sparkle"

Let's face it - flying is a pain at the best of times, let alone when you've got young kids with you.

So when one woman noticed a mother-of-two receiving flack from a 'grumpy' man during their flight, she decided to pass on a message of support.

Kelly, who lives in Darwin, Australia, had been travelling on a Jetstar flight from Brisbane to Canberra when she noticed the mum with her kids, who she believes to be aged between one and three years old.

She explained that after seeing an exchange between the woman and the 'grumpy' male passenger, she decided to write a note to express her support.

Kelly shared a screenshot of the note on Facebook.

However, when Kelly went to hand over the message in baggage claim, she couldn't find the recipient and so turned to Facebook instead.

The original note reads: "I really hope this finds you - wherever you are. You’re a good mum, don’t let anyone let you think otherwise. You’ve got this."

In a bid to try and find the mum, she shared a photo of the message on the Canberra Notice Board Group on Facebook while adding a few more details.

“To the beautiful mum of two little ones... on JQ656 from Brisbane in seats 3D,E,F this afternoon (Sunday 8th Jan)," wrote Kelly.

"I’m so sorry that crusty man sitting next to my husband got grumpy.

She also shared details of the flight in a bid to track the mum down.

"You’re a great mum. You’re so brave flying solo with two little ones. You didn’t deserve his narky comments.

"I wrote this note and was going to give it to you at baggage collection but couldn’t find you.

"Just to know that I am in your corner and not scare you from flying again.

"Don’t let him spoil your sparkle."

As reported by 7News, Kelly went on to say: "I was in shock and didn’t hear the whole exchange.

"I did entertain the little girl for the remainder of the flight and offered to watch them if she needed to use the bathroom. Hubby helped her with her bags."

The post has since received plenty of comments of support, with one person writing: "It’s a while ago but having flown very pregnant and with two little ones I know how hard it is.

"Sometimes we have no choice and do the very best we can. I hope ‘mum’ gets your message of support as it is always so needed."

Another said: "I was on that flight and didn’t hear a thing so they were obviously no trouble.

"People without kids or way past kid minding stage will never get how stressful it is for us parents with little ones."

A third added: "I remember flying with my two-year-old solo. Worst trip of my life and it was only two hours.

"The narky comments from people about a screaming child really doesn’t help, do they think we enjoy the struggle and screaming too? The moment I got off the plane I broke down in tears."

Thankfully, it looks like the friendly message may reach the woman it was meant for.

A woman who claims to be friends with the mother saw the post and said: "I know who this is and have passed on the message."

Featured Image Credit: Gudrun Schulze Ebbinghoff/Stockimo/Alamy Stock Photo/Facebook

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