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A pair of friends travelled to Paris and spent a celebratory day out for a steal of a price.

Emma Denley surprised her friend with a trip to Paris for her 30th birthday present.

We all love our best friends, but paying for them to go to Paris amid a cost of living crisis? I'll settle on a Moonpig card and a bunch of flowers, thanks.

However, you should hold off scoffing at the idea, because while it may sound expensive, wait until you hear how much Emma and her friend ended up spending on the trip.

Emma surprised her friend for her 30th birthday.

Emma - a social media agent from London who uses her account (@dens_destinations) to share travel hacks to go on amazing holidays for less - revealed her friend thought they'd booked the day off to just 'go for some food'.

"Little did she know we would be sipping on coffee with freshly-baked croissants near the Eiffel Tower instead," Emma says.

While Paris is one of the most expensive cities to visit in the world according to The Travel, thankfully for Emma, the price of the Eurostar tickets was a lot less than you might expect. The total price for the whole day didn't completely break the bank either - even doable for the likes of me and you too.

The pair sipped coffee near the Eiffel Tower.

Emma revealed the pair ended up only spending '£150 each' on the trip and that's including 'travel, food and shopping' - the travel coming to £89 in total.

The pair ended up visiting all of the major sights - including the Eiffel Tower, the Arc De Triomphe and the Louvre.

Emma explains: "We spent the morning exploring the streets of Paris, going through different neighbourhoods and looking at iconic places and beautiful buildings.

"We got ourselves a lovely bit of lunch and then spent the rest of the day shopping. We caught the 7:00pm Eurostar, which got us back to London at 8:30pm."

They even had a fancy lunch and a glass of wine.

Emma thinks Paris is 'an amazing place to visit' because you can just 'spend the day walking' getting to 'see a lot of places you wouldn't usually see' - the pair walking around 30,000 steps on their day trip.

While the 30-year-old ended up 'a little bit tired' when back to work the next day - 'city breaks are never relaxing' - she noted how 'beautiful' Paris was and what a 'brilliant' choice it was for her friend's 30th celebration.

If you ever needed an excuse to book a day off work, then this is it.

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