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Parents praise YouTuber mum who helps toddlers learn to talk

Parents praise YouTuber mum who helps toddlers learn to talk

A YouTuber mum is loved by parents as she helps toddlers learn to talk.

Parents are heaping praise on this YouTuber mum who is doing the incredible job of helping toddlers learn to speak.

Rachel Griffin Accurso, who is better known online as Ms. Rachel, has an extremely popular YouTube channel which boasts nearly 2.5 million subscribers on the platform.

The whole idea behind Songs for Littles is to teach babies and toddlers about sounds and words to help them to learn to speak, often through using music.

Songs for Littles is a resource for parents.
Songs for Littles - Toddler Learning Videos/YouTube

Alongside her on Songs for Littles is a group of other people, which includes her husband Aron Accurso, and Ms Rachel does livestreams for tots to get involved with.

The YouTuber also has a degree in music education and is currently pursuing a second masters in early childhood education.

The popular kids YouTube channel has received more than a billion views, with TikTok also filled with many parents putting her tips and tricks to the test.

But behind all that fun is a serious story, as her son Thomas had an experience with delayed speech.

The dedicated mum searched for resources to help her son, but quickly realised there wasn't much out there.

Speaking to Today, Ms. Rachel said: "His first word was at 2 years and 8 months – and it was mama.

"As a parent, you want to do anything you can to help them, and it's not our fault that our child has a speech delay.

"A lot of things I teach are things I wish I had known for my son."

She has also received the seal of approval from child speech and language experts.

While it is generally not recommended for children under the age of 18 months to have any screen time aside from video chatting, paediatric speech language pathologist Miss Michael, said that Ms. Rachel's videos are actually very similar to video chatting.

MS. Rachel has been praised by child speech and language experts for her work.
Songs for Littles - Toddler Learning Videos/YouTube

Describing Ms Rachel as 'fantastic', Michaels continues: "There is good solid evidence behind some of the techniques that Ms Rachel uses in her programming.”

And it seems like parents are in agreement as well, with many taking to social media to discuss how useful Ms. Rachel's videos have been for their children.

On TikTok, one person said: "We just discovered you Ms Rachel and we love you so much!!"

A second added: "I am a grandma who just had to take custody of my 2 grandkids and you have been a shining light in their little lives."

And a third said: "My girl has a developmental delay and mentally is around 8 months, she loves watching you!"

Featured Image Credit: Songs for Littles - Toddler Learning Videos/YouTube

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