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‘Awful parents’ criticised after allowing child to use plane as ‘jungle gym’

‘Awful parents’ criticised after allowing child to use plane as ‘jungle gym’

Parents of a hyperactive tot have been slammed for letting him run riot on a plane

Being on a plane can be stressful enough at the best of times.

You're crammed in hundreds of strangers, going over every bad thing that could possibly happen to the plane and desperately trying to maintain control of your armrest.

And all of that can be made so much worse by an unruly kid and their parents who make their misbehaviour the problem of all the other passengers.

Parents who let their child turn a plane into a 'personal jungle gym' have been blasted online.
Joshua Rainey / Alamy Stock Photo

One Reddit user was on board such a flight and was driven to write a post blasting some parents on board their plane.

According to their post, the child was running up and down the aisle.

And it didn't stop there as the kid then reportedly turned the chairs around him into his own 'personal jungle gym'.

A photo was shared alongside the rant, which showed a child's feet hanging over the top of a seat, leaving people to wonder what his parents were doing and whether or not flight attendants had stepped in.

And because misery loves company, the story inspired other Reddit users to share their own anecdotes about nightmare pint-sized passengers.

The parents were slammed for letting their kid run wild on a plane.

One wrote: "I was on five-ish hour flight with a couple of friends years ago. One of my friends bought a meat and cheese plate. A kid, I'd guess about six or seven, in a seat in front of us tried reaching his foot through the crack in between the seats so he could drag the plate close enough that he could reach it with his hands and steal it.

"All his mum said was 'I guess you're hungry' and ordered him the same thing. No scolding the child, or apologising to us, or any acknowledgment beyond 'he's hungry'."

Another fumed: "That's f***ing disgusting. I don't know how people are so calm about kids doing things like this!"

"Your flight attendants should have put a stop to this. It is unsafe", another pointed out.

"I never understood why people just let their kids do whatever they want to do." someone else said.

Flights are tricky to get through sometimes.

Another flyer who knows that all too well is the family who had to endure a stag do on board their flight to Tenerife.

That already sounds bad enough - but the group were vaping and brought their own alcohol on to drink.

Things apparently got so rowdy that the cabin crew refused to serve booze towards the end of the flight.

Featured Image Credit: Joshua Rainey / Alamy Stock Photo/Reddit/CartoonCocoons

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