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Woman sparks debate after revealing she wants to name her daughter after dating app she met husband on

Woman sparks debate after revealing she wants to name her daughter after dating app she met husband on

The woman wants to name her child after popular dating app...

Over the last few years, dating apps have somewhat become a remedy to the difficulties that come with finding love in the 21st century.

They allow you to set your preferences in a partner - their distance to you, your attractions and icks, their lifestyle peculiarities - so you can be sure that your special someone aligns with your values.

And whilst Tinder may have at one time been used for thrilling one night stands and casual hook-ups, this app - as well as countless others, including Hinge, Bumble, eHarmony and Raya - have made millions of long-term matches across the globe.

In fact, one woman is so grateful to dating apps for helping her to meet her beloved husband, that she wants to name their first-born baby after one.

The mum-to-be is currently seven-months pregnant with a little girl, who she hopes to name after the romance app Tinder after she gives birth.

Her admission has since gone viral on social media - after first being posted on Twitter before spreading to Reddit.

The woman met her husband on Tinder.
Jonathan Raa/NurPhoto via Getty Images

"I've been fighting with my husband because he doesn't like the name I've picked out," she confessed in the hotly-debated post.

"I want to name her Tinderleigh because we met on Tinder a little over a year ago.

"The site helped me find my true love, and I think the name is perfect."

According to the social media user, her husband described the name as 'embarrassing', and believes it could negatively impact the entire family, including their incoming daughter.

"He doesn't want people to know we met on there [Tinder]," she explains. "How can I convince him how special this name is to me?

"Plus I'm a little hurt that he is embarrassed by the way we came together in this world."

The husband doesn't want his daughter to be named Tinderleigh.
Sally Anscombe

The post has since sparked huge debate online, with hundreds of users mocking the mum-to-be for her choice of baby name.

"Imagine if that's how people named their kids," they jibed. "Barleigh, Clubleigh, Workleigh, Classleigh, Busleigh, Redditleigh...".

A second teased: "I met my girlfriend in high school. I can’t wait until we get to name our daughter Heighly Schooleigh."

"Yes, the name may be special to you," a third pointed out. "Nothing prevents you from naming yourself Tinder-whatever. It means nothing to your child.

"Do not make your child your billboard."

"Hold mean to tell me I should have named my daughter Yahoogamesleigh?," another laughed. "Damn, she's 17 now. I'm gonna go tell her we're changing her name..."

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