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Woman mortified after flashing playground and only realising after getting note from principal

Woman mortified after flashing playground and only realising after getting note from principal

The social media star discovered she could be seen showering from the playground of a neighbouring nursery

One red-faced woman says she's 'moving' after suffering an extremely embarrassing blunder this week.

Canadian content creator, Meg, was left embarrassed after she'd been called out in a letter for flashing an entire playground full of youngsters.

But it's not as bad as it sounds, however!

The content creator had simply been taking a shower in her bathroom, and was unaware that her window wasn't as opaque as she'd first believed.

But to make matters worse, Meg wasn't brought to this realisation herself.

In fact, it was the headmaster of the neighbouring school that pointed out it in a personalised letter - and it was delivered right to her door.

Taking to TikTok to let her followers in on what exactly the note contained, she implored viewers to 'put yourself in my shoes'.

Meg shared the contents of the letter on TikTok.

"Dear resident. I'm sorry to have to write to you on such a sensitive subject but felt it appropriate to make you aware that your bathroom window can be easily viewed from our nursery playground," Meg read out loud, adding that it was also signed by the principal of the school.

She continued: "In the circumstances, we wondered if you would consider purchasing a blind for the windows to avoid any embarrassment on behalf of either yourself or our children."

Meg then tells viewers: "When I read this, I was like....I had no idea that they were able to see in. I don't know what they've seen.

"I don't know how often they've seen it. I was so embarrassed leaving the house because I have to face the school.

"How much did they have to see before they sent me this? How much? How often? Where? When?"

She admits: "I was flabbergasted when I read this this morning, and I was like, right, I guess I can never leave my house again, because they know it's me."

She then joked that she had become the 'Ugly Naked Guy' from the sitcom Friends and even wondered if they had a specific nickname for her.

The social media star was horrified by the revelation.

"I guess it's like a little bit funny. I mean, I'll never open my blinds again, I tell you that... I'm sorry to the school next door," she laughs.

As the hilarious comments started flooding in, one asked how Meg didn't know she could be seen from the outside.

"It's got textured glass. you can't see out… but apparently you can see in (in certain light)," she replied.

Another asked: "So how fast did you run to the bathroom to see what view they were getting?" to which she answered, "Speed of light."

Featured Image Credit: Credit: TikTok/@megmegmegitsmeg

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