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Mum with rude tattoos forced to walk like crab at school so children don't read them

Mum with rude tattoos forced to walk like crab at school so children don't read them

The matching tats pair up to make a bold phrase

A fair few of us probably have a dodgy bit of ink here and there, but one mum has clearly suffered the consequences of a bad tattoo - and it's frankly hilarious.

The mum, Madi Murphy, who goes by the handle @madimurphy01 online, has since been forced to walk like crab at school so children don't read the rude body art.

Madi took to TikTok to open up about her explicit matching tats which, when paired together, create quite the bold phrase. Have a look:

She said: “Me everyday at school pick up when I remember what I have tattooed on the back of my legs.”

In the clip, Madi pretends to be speaking to someone else before moving backwards towards the wall.

The mum then walks sideways like a crab so that the wall conceals what she has written on the back of her legs.

In the caption, Madi added: “I regret nothing.”

Naturally, the short video raised more questions than it answered, with many other TikTokers asking what on earth she had tattooed on her.

In a follow-up post, she said: “I did not realise this was gonna go this crazy!

Madi Murphy joked that the tats have left her walking like a crab in public.

“I picked my daughter up from school and then got home and everyone was going crazy over what my tattoos were.

“But I’ll show you what they say – I've actually got so many random ones.”

Madi then placed the camera on the ground and stood up, spinning around to reveal two love hearts on the back of her legs.

One said ‘B***h please’, while the other one said ‘You ain’t s**t’.

“It says ‘B***h please, you ain't s**t!’” Madi explained.

“And I just feel bad when there’s kids reading my legs.”

Many people found the tattoos hilarious, with one joking in the comments: “I feel like that’s a good message for kids... humble them a little.”

The infamous tattoos in question.

Someone else said: “On the candy hearts tho... I'm here for it," while a third wrote: “I love this.”

A fourth added: “That ain’t that bad lol I thought it was gonna be worse.”


One person also said Madi was going to be considered the ‘cool mum’ when her daughter is in high school, while others came forward with their own tattoo stories.

“Me with the burning church tattoo I have on the back of my leg,” one TikTok user said, to which Madi replied: “I have 666 on the back of my arm lol.”

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@madimurphy01

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