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Sexuality expert claims parents should ask babies for permission before changing nappy

Sexuality expert claims parents should ask babies for permission before changing nappy

Sexuality expert Deanne Carson spoke on ABC abut how parents should ask babies for permission to change their nappies.

A sexuality expert once claimed that parents should ask babies their permission to change their nappies in a bid to set up a culture of consent from birth.

Back in 2018 on Australian TV, the expert in question - Deanne Carson - voiced her opinions on introducing consent early on in a child's life.

She said on ABC that she worked with children from the age of three upwards surrounding consent, but went on to add that parents should be introducing these ideas to their little ones sooner.

When asked to give an example of how parents could establish the culture in their home, Carson said they could ask questions like: "I'm going to change your nappy now, is that okay?"

She added: "Of course the baby is not going to respond 'yes mum, that's awesome. I'd love to have my nappy changed.'

Deanne Carson on ABC back in 2018.

"But if you leave a space, and wait for body language and wait to make eye contact, then you're letting that child know that their response matters."

The presenter was somewhat confused by if the matter of consent should be practiced from birth, something Carson confirmed should be done.

While it's a controversial subject, Carson isn't a lone wolf when it comes to the issue, with mum Lottie Daley previously saying on This Morning that parents should let their children know when they are about to change their nappies.

But many viewers flocked to social media following the interview, and it's fair to say a lot were left a little confused.

"I’ve never been so confused in my life. Teaching children consent is 100% important but come on," one Twitter user penned.

The nappy changing comments certainly caused a stir online.

"You’ve got to be kidding me. A child relies their parent to take care of them and that includes personal hygiene! Especially as toddlers and babies."

Meanwhile, a second person added: "All the kids in my family at the age of 2, don't always understand why they shouldn't do certain things (like climbing on everything, running across a road and putting random things in their mouth) but according to Deanne Carson they should consent to a nappy change?"

While debate is fine, things did get a bit out of hand following the incident as Carson revealed she received death threats following the ABC interview.

It led to the sexuality expert having to lock her social media accounts after being targeted by trolls.

Featured Image Credit: ABC/Pexels/Wiliam Fortunato

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