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Mum ‘feels like a failure’ after sharing three-year-old’s Valentine’s Day haul from nursery

Mum ‘feels like a failure’ after sharing three-year-old’s Valentine’s Day haul from nursery

Some of the other mums went ALL OUT

A mum has revealed how she ‘feels like a failure’ after sharing her three-year-old's Valentine’s Day haul from nursery.

When 14 February rolls around, many people like to show their love with cards, flowers, gifts and fancy dinners.

And you don’t have to be in a relationship to spread the joy, with many kids also turning up to school with cute presents for their classmates these days – something that took one mum by surprise after seeing the extent of what her son had been given.

In a TikTok video captioned ‘Valentine’s Day parent fail’, Jacqueline Barrera Dowling (@jbarrera404) explained how her three-year-old son Max had given out little gifts at school, but they were NOTHING compared to what he received.

She said: “So we just got home. We are opening up Max’s Valentine’s [gifts] that he got from his classroom.

“Why did we not get the memo that you’re supposed to go all out, even though they’re only three years old?”

They didn't realise they were supposed to go 'all out'.
Max got a GREAT haul.

As her partner sifted through a bag of presents from one classmate, Jaqueline exclaimed: “I feel like such a failure!”

The amazing haul included Play-Doh, rubber ducks, a packet of M&Ms turned into the shape of a butterfly, a jigsaws puzzle, cookies and more.

Holding up several items to the camera, she continued: “Look at this! This was printed out with Max’s name on it!

“This one... Are you kidding me? This came with a freaking monster truck.”

Jaqueline then compared what Max had received to the little presents they’d sent him to give out.

The other gifts left Max's mum feeling like a 'failure'.

“And do you guys wanna know what Max sent into his classroom?” she asked, before showing us what Max had given out.

“Old school Valentine’s cards [...] and it comes with an eraser. These kids can’t even write yet and we sent in a plain old Valentine’s card with an eraser!

“We have got to step it up. Should we go buy Visa gift cards? We need to go buy some Visa gift cards to drop off to these kids tomorrow.

“Like, I feel unworthy.”

Max’s dad then joked: “Eventually, they’re gonna need the eraser, right Max?”

When their son didn’t respond, Jacqueline added: “Okay, so even he’s embarrassed!”

Max gave out 'old school' Valentine's cards with an eraser.

In the comments, many other parents reassured the TikToker that she was doing just fine, suggesting some of the parents had even done ‘too much’ and that it was ‘wasteful’.

“Omg, now I’m nervous... Do I need to run to Walmart at 5am tomorrow?” one wrote.

Someone else said: “Those are moms that have been mom-ing for a while type of gifts. This isn’t their first rodeo lol. You’ll get ‘em next year!”

A third added: “As someone who is an extra type of mom. It’s ok girl don’t feel obligated we don’t expect others to do the same we just genuinely enjoy doing it lol.”

A fourth also commented: “I am this type of parent but also don’t expect it in return! If I’m giving I’m GIVIN! It’s so fun for me.”

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/ jbarrera404

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