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Influencer mum says she's pulling daughter out of school to focus on social media career

Influencer mum says she's pulling daughter out of school to focus on social media career

A mum has sparked controversy after pulling her daughter from school to become an influencer.

When it comes to parenting, how to school your child is one of the biggest decisions you have to make.

But one influencer's rather controversial schooling opinions have divided the internet this week.

Kat Clark is one of Australia's biggest social media stars.

And she's pulling her 12-year-old daughter out of school to concentrate on 'work.'

She believes school is getting in the way of Deja's budding influencer career.

“Since coming into this new career, there is a lot of travelling involved.

"I’m often flying to Sydney … so that nine to five, Monday to Friday schooling isn’t working for us,” Kat revealed on the ‘It’s All Her’ podcast with Jordy Lucas.

Kat wants Deja to focus on her TikTok and other social media accounts, rather than conventional schooling.

Deja had been missing a lot of school before being pulled, and Kat believes that homeschooling will better suit the family's lifestyle.

However, many people have been highly critical of Kat's decision.

Kat wants Deja to follow in her footsteps.

“I get where you’re coming from but just remember that girls all across the world literally die in an attempt to get an education,” one commenter wrote.

While another said: “Whatever you decide, just make sure she isn’t being thrown into being an adult too soon. She deserves a childhood.”

Kat has since defended her divisive move, saying: "Deja is in her first year of high school … we actually have enrolled her into homeschooling for next year and we think that’s best for her, just because we don’t want her to miss out on these opportunities."

“If she gets to year 10, and she says, ‘Actually, Mum, this isn’t something that I enjoy’ we’re going to be able to put her back in traditional schooling,” she confirmed.

“You guys already know Deja hates school, like she’s very smart, but she does not enjoy it at all,” Kat continued on TikTok.

“For [other daughter] Tisha, for example, she did finish school and she did end up going to uni … And then we started getting into podcasting,” she said.

“And she’s now since dropped out of uni, to kind of follow her dreams.

“If [Deja] wanted to be a lawyer, a doctor, or a surgeon, then obviously we would encourage her … But currently right now, that’s not what her goals are,” she concluded.

Kat believes school will deny Deja influencing opportunities.

Fans of Kat have also spoken out in support of her decision.

“You're a great mum and I’m sure you will do what’s right for Deja. She will grow and thrive anywhere cause she has a great family unit,” one fan wrote.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@katclark

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