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Mum given brutal truth after accidentally naming her baby after a laxative

Mum given brutal truth after accidentally naming her baby after a laxative

The mum asked for advice after she realised what the name also meant

Any parent around the world knows that selecting the name to give to your newborn child can be one of the most difficult decisions to make.

No matter which moniker you suggest during the initial weeks of pregnancy, there's always someone with something to say.

'Oh, god, no! You can't call her THAT, I once dated a girl with that name and she had really bad breath," one friend tells you.

A cousin chimes on: "You definitely can't him him THAT! I work with someone called that and they always stink the office out with their egg sarnies!"

There simply isn't a way to please everyone, so why even bother?

In the case of one women in America, however - who with her husband had known the name they hoped to give to their first child 'for years' - a mistake made when selecting a name came back to bite her.

After going back and forth throughout their relationship about what would happen if she became pregnant, she and her partner eventually landed on a name they both loved.

And to make matters even better, when they did conceive, the couple believed they'd chosen a rather unique name, with neither of them knowing anyone called it.

The couple had sets their hearts on a particular baby name.
Oscar Wong/Getty

Eventually, their tiny tot was welcomed into the world, and they graced her with their unconventional name.

It was only a few weeks later, however, that the first-time mum - who shared her story on Reddit - made the haunting realisation that she'd accidentally named her daughter after a really specific medical product...

"My husband and I have wanted to name our child Senna after Ayrton Senna the iconic F1 driver for years," she penned on the advice-giving app.

"We have always loved it, and dreamt about it. He was actually the one that brought it up as an option where he had never truly liked any baby names before. I love it so much."

The lady explained that she later discovered through TikTok that Senna is also the name of a brand of laxative - a treatment used to prevent constipation.

"I’m feeling absolutely devastated," the mother admitted. And still unsure if I should change it.

The woman had accidentally named her daughter after a laxative.
Peter Dazeley/Getty

"I have had some friends say yeah maybe not; and others say who cares I had no idea and not everyone is a nurse or a doctor.

"Still I am not sure. There ARE people named Senna. And I love it. How bad is it?"

She concluded her plea for help with an edit: "(Suggestions are welcome; I am a teacher so a lot of similar but more common names are a no go for me because of students or experiences with them. Maybe similar vibe names? Not similar names like Sienna)."

The Reddit post evidently sparked an extremely mixed reaction from readers, with some offering her their condolences and insisting Senna is a beautiful name.

"I live in the Netherlands and know quite a few Sennas. It’s very pretty and I’ve never heard of that stupid TikTok laxative. I know that’s not helpful but you’ve got good taste!," one penned in the comments.

Another went on: "I agree with this! I’ve never heard of the laxative brand (I’m in US) and I think it’s a great name."

Many have advised the mum to change her daughter's name.
Sally Anscombe/Getty

On the other hand, however, others brutally advises the writer to change her daughter's name.

"Sadly I'm an outlier and immediately knew Senna is a laxative/stool softener. I am not on Tiktok, so actually found that to be a bizarre source for people knowing of it lol. What about an alternate spelling, like Cena or Cinna. Though those are both heavy with other connotations," one explained.

Another noted: "For me it would be a dealbreaker, but I guess it depends how common it is as a medication in your country. Would Sienna be a possible alternative? Basically the same name, just not a laxative."

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