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Now that we're in the peak of summer holiday season, it seems there's an endless chain of travel-based dramas that constantly reopen the heated debate surrounding plane etiquette.

The latest follows one mum who left a stranger to babysit her children after she refused to swap plane seats with her.

The mum, comedian Cindy Arena, has since taken to TikTok to open up about her slightly alternative parenting style and has defended her decision wholeheartedly.

The woman has gone viral on TikTok for her slightly alternative parenting decision.

In the video, which is just over a minute long, Cindy begins by saying: "I love that people are asking this as a question.

"Like, if you don't have a seat next to your kids, should the person that's sitting next to your children move, so you can sit with them?"

She reiterated: "Like someone's actually asking this question? No, let them stay with your kids!"

The woman then opened up about a personal anecdote, continuing: "This has happened to me."

Cindy explained that another passenger on the same flight as her once 'refused to get up' when she asked if she could swap seats to sit next to her two young children who were 'four and six' at the time.

After the passenger declined the request, Cindy allegedly responded: "Okay, no problem. I'm not going to argue."

She then went to the back of the plane and sat in her 'assigned seat' as the other woman 'wouldn't give hers up'.

Recalling the moment, Cindy went on: "It was so peaceful.

Cindy called the incident 'so peaceful'.

"And finally the stewardess comes up, because I know she's coming, because this b**** is sitting next to my kids and there's nothing fun about that."

According to Cindy, the staff member said: "Um, ma'am. She would like to trade seats with you now."

Can you tell where this is going?

Cindy simply replied: "Oh, no, no, we need to stay in our assigned seats.

"Have a good flight!"


The short clip has since gone viral after clocking up more than 1.4 million views on the platform with a whole avalanche of comments from people eager to share their opinions on the matter.

Many supported Cindy and even found the whole ordeal totally hilarious.

One TikTok user penned: "I love malicious compliance."

The mum's anecdote received some very mixed responses.

"You’re a whole vibe and I love it," wrote a second. "Smarter not harder lol."

A third revealed: "Yep did same with mine only one row away he was safe but annoyed that couple the entire flight."

"I wasn’t sure what direction this was headed, but it did not disappoint," commented another.

Others, however, weren't so impressed with the mum's behaviour, with many calling her out for not purchasing the seats together in the first place.

One TikTok user asked: "What kind of parent books seats that aren't with their kids? This one."

A second declared: "I’m not giving up a window seat unless it’s a window seat. Book your seats together."

"Um, no," declared a third. "Always book my seats in advance and pay for where I want to sit. Book ahead if you want to sit together."

A final TikTok user added: "If you want/need to sit with your family book it that way."

Where do you stand on the matter?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@cindyarenacomedy/Pexels/Athena

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