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Mum horrified by Disney World prices after forking out $70 on daughter's bowl of cereal

Mum horrified by Disney World prices after forking out $70 on daughter's bowl of cereal

It's caused quite the debate online

Now, we all know that a family trip away to any Disney amusement park is far from your bargain holiday, but one mum has shocked the internet after revealing just how much she paid for a tiny bowl of brekky.

The woman, Autumn Scott, was left beyond horrified by Disney World prices after her pal forked out an 'insane' $70 on her daughter's bowl of cereal.

She took to TikTok to share the fiasco and it's since sparked quite the heated debate online. Have a look:

In the short clip, a mum can be seen sat next to her daughter, who was throwing a tantrum and crying at the breakfast table.

"Tell me what your kid got," a woman behind the camera said, "tell me what your kid got for $70? Let's see it."

The child was holding a little bowl of what looks like frosted flakes the woman can be heard calling it 'Cinderella cereal'.

The video has since clocked up more than 1.3 million views on the platform alongside hundreds upon hundreds of comments from people eager to share their reactions to the short clip.

Some people defended the mum's hefty spending with one TikTok user writing: "Magic comes at a price!"

A fellow parent penned: "We went for dinner and my daughter kept saying, 'This is the best day ever!'

"It was worth the $$. The food was amazing too!"

One mum was stunned by the '$70 cereal' at Disney World.

"It's the experience!" chimed in a third while a fourth quipped: "Cereal - $70. Experience of a lifetime - priceless."

Another dubbed the situation 'a moment that child will treasure forever'.

Others, however, slammed the mum for the 'insane' spending.

Sarcastically commenting on the little one's less-than-satisfied reaction, one viewer joked: "Seeing your kid smile like that is priceless though right? Lmao."

A second echoed: "And she looks so appreciative of that cereal. Lol."

"$70 for that tiny bowl of cereal is INSANE," declared a third viewer.

Some people hit out at the 'insane' prices.

A fourth hit out: "Am I tripping or did they really say cereal was $70?!?!"

Another pointed out: "The whole breakfast is $69.99 and $42.00 for kids. Still expensive AF but not $70 for just the cereal," to which Autumn admitted: "Correct. This video was made just as a joke but people got p*ssed real quick lol."

In a follow-up comment, she added: "We were paying for the princesses to come meet my girls, not the food. This was just meant to be funny video."

A final TikTok user stated: "This exactly why I’m waiting till my kids at age where they can legit appreciate the vacation."

What do you make of it?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@autumnscott

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