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Mum admits she does her children's homework for them so they don’t get stressed

Mum admits she does her children's homework for them so they don’t get stressed

She explained her 'controversial' parenting style

The homework ordeal has long-since been the centre of many parenting debates over the years.

Some may believe its more beneficial for their child to stick their head down and just get it done while other parents reckon its best to give their little ones some time off after seven hours at school.

One mum, who belongs to the latter school of thought, has admitted she does her children's homework for them so they don’t get stressed.

One mum opened up about why she does her children's homework for them.

The US mum, Lottie Weaver, took to TikTok to share a list of 'controversial things' she and her husband do as parents with their daughters.

From prioritising her relationship with her partner and 'having the most honest relationship' with her kids - the woman ran through a handful of things she does as a mum that some people may not agree with.

One of which was helping her daughters, who are all primary school age or just under, with school work and projects.

"I will help do my kids homework with them," Lottie revealed. I know every parent like helps, but if my kids are busy, or if they're rushing, or whatever, I will do it.

"Because I'm not going to have them stress over four fr*ckin' math problems that they don't have time to do or whatever."

Lottie's 'controversial' list divided opinions online.

She continued by pointing out issue with the demands from the school, adding: "I'll do it! Screw it! I mean, it may not be right, but I will help.

"And I do a majority of their projects for them because some of these projects these teachers give... like they're seven years old."

The rundown has since clocked up more than 335k views on TikTok with dozens rushing in to share their opinions on the matter.

Many agreed with Lottie and praised her for her parenting style.

"My kids are already at school so long. I pretty much do their homework," admitted one TikTok user.

A second revealed: "I'm so glad I'm not the only one who does my kids homework when they have other things going on lol."

"When I grow up, I will do my kid’s homework too bc I know it’s hard even if you have a parent to help," explained a third.

A fourth congratulated: "I'm actually impressed you CAN do your kids homework. My parents were always too confused to help."

"This is such amazing parenting," gushed another. "I aspire to be like this when I'm a mum."

A sixth echoed: "Love this so much! I want to be a mum just like you!"

Some, however, were not as convinced.

"Agree with everything except the homework thing," hit out one TikTok user. "They’re not really learning anything by you doing it.

"But appreciate you wanting to take stress away."

Where do you stand?

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@lottieweaver

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