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Mum admits she puts children to bed wearing next day's clothes as it 'works wonders'

Mum admits she puts children to bed wearing next day's clothes as it 'works wonders'

She reckons she's cracked the code

Anyone with a kid will know all about the chaos of the school run.

Whether it's sorting out last-minute packed lunches, frantically slapping together some breakfast or dealing with the inevitable morning meltdowns - most parents will undoubtedly be eager to find out any time-saving hacks that can make the process just that tiny bit smoother.

Well, one mum reckons she's figured the whole thing out after admitting she puts her children to bed wearing next day's clothes as it 'works wonders'.

Taking a slightly alternative strategy to her morning routine, Aussie TV presenter, Lisa Lamond explained exactly why she puts her two kids to bed in their outfits for the next day.

She told Whimm back in 2019: "I don't have a spare hour while they pull up one sock."

Laura, who shares daughters Arabella and Ruby, who were three and two at the time, with her her husband Adam, continued: "My daughters like to dress themselves from head to toe.

"On days I'm working in particular, I don't have a spare hour while they pull up one sock. So the best piece of advice I've been given is to dress your kids the night before in the clothes you want them to go out in."

Mum-of-two, Lisa Lamond, opened up about her time-saving morning routine.

After already getting her little ones dressed the night before, all that's left the following morning is to change their nappy and whack on a pair of shoes.

"It works wonders for me and where I'm at in life at the moment," Lisa added.

And it seems that Lisa isn't the only mama who has deployed this tactic as another mum seems to believe she's cracked the code after revealing exactly why she makes her son sleep in his uniform every single night ahead of the dreaded school run the following morning.

Content creator, Ms Rachel, who goes by the handle @msrachelforlittles online, took to TikTok to share with her 3.5 million followers her top tip.

Lisa once revealed why she put her daughters to bed wearing their clothes for the following day.

She explained: "I dress my little boy for school at night.

"We put on a nice new shirt, sweatpants, super comfy - great for jammies - and then when he wakes up, we just throw on sneakers."

The mum continued to tell viewers that 'someday' she'll teach her son to wake up for school and get dressed.

"That will be a very good thing to teach, but I can't do that right now," she continued, "and that's OK."

Ms Rachel ended the short clip telling her followers: "I'm doing my best and so are you and I love you."

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Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@adam_and_lisa

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