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Mum left heartbroken after 'cheating' husband walks out on her and seven-week-old baby

Mum left heartbroken after 'cheating' husband walks out on her and seven-week-old baby

She couldn't believe what had happened

A mum has been left totally heartbroken after her 'cheating' husband walked out on her and seven-week-old baby.

The woman, 29, was in complete disbelief at her husband's actions and took to social media to vent about the understandably stressful situation.

She began by explaining a little context behind the fateful incident, namely that things first started to take a turn for the worse when her husband, 31, 'started a new job in a restaurant'.

Taking to Reddit, the woman explained that her husband started the new job while she was pregnant and had started to struggle to 'juggle the long hours' amidst his 'new found social life' and his 'family life'.

Working long hours, the mum noted that 'some nights he doesn't come home at all' and instead chooses to 'stay out and drink with friends'.

The mum opened up about the tragic situation.
Kristina Paukshtite / Pexels

"He never lets me know when he isn't coming home, despite me asking him over and over to please message me," she continued.

"It's only when I get up for the baby in the night that I realise he hasn't come back."

While the woman admitted her husband apologised and 'promises he'll do better' each time, he just ends up doing the 'same thing again'.

"He has repeatedly put his new job and new friends before us, until I finally gave him an ultimatum and told him if he doesn't start putting us first then he needs to find somewhere else to live," she went on.

It was at that point when things finally 'changed' and the husband was 'attentive and loving and involved with the baby' until one particularly eventful night.

The mum said she doesn't know 'what to do'.
Liza Summer / Pexels

He had 'stayed out again' without any communication, with the mum admitting: "I don't know where he stays where he's out."

She had also recently seen a message on his phone from a friend saying that her husband had 'cheated' on her.

"He absolutely swears he hasn't but why else would his friend say it," she asked.

After arguing 'backwards and forwards' the husband said he 'couldn't take it anymore' and simply 'packed up his bags and left'.

The mum explained: "He has left me alone with our seven-week-old baby and I don't know what to do.

"I cant afford to pay my bills or my mortgage because I'm living of maternity pay which doesn't even cover my mortgage."

She continued: "My heart is broken and Im scared I'm slipping further into PPD.

People flocked to share their support for the 'heartbroken' mother.

"I have some good friends and am very close with my mum and sister but I feel so alone. I don't know how I'm going to survive this."

The Reddit post has since clocked up hundreds upon hundreds of comments from people eager to share their reactions to the heartbreaking situation.

One person offered: "I am so sorry that this happened. He is a huge piece of sh*t for doing this to you and your daughter."

"I'm so sorry," echoed a second. "This is such a tough thing to go through ever and the timing is awful for you."

A final Reddit user assured the woman: "It's not going to be easy its going to be hard but you can do it! And you will be truly happy because you did it on your own."

Featured Image Credit: Pexels

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