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Mum offers cash reward to help find daughter's missing rabbit toy

Mum offers cash reward to help find daughter's missing rabbit toy

There's a hefty compensation for whoever finds the toy

One mum has offered a generous cash reward to help find her daughter's missing rabbit toy.

Losing things is always a pain especially when its your beloved childhood toy which is exactly what happened to parents Cara and Joe, who are willing to give some hefty compensation to anyone who can find their daughter's lost stuffed toy named Rara.

The mum has reached out for people to 'urgently' help bring the cuddly toy home to their 'inconsolable' two-year-old, Elodie.

The mum has called out for a search to reunite stuffed rabbit Rara with her rightful owner.

The family, who in Los Angeles, had been on a holiday all across Ireland when Rara was lost just before the family headed to Dublin airport.

Cara, who had previously lived in Ireland for three years, called up everyone she knew to try her luck to see if they had someone they could pay to look for the toy.

With no avail, Cara then took to everyday task marketplace, Airtasker, to enlist some help.

She titled the post: "Retracing our steps in Dublin to find child’s lost stuffy rabbit."

The mum opened up about a little context behind the ordeal, explaining that the family was 'somewhere between Dunnes Henry Street, Dublin 1 and the Clarence Hotel' when the little tot 'lost her beloved stuffy toy'.

They had also 'crossed over Millennium bridge'.

Daughter Elodie has been left 'inconsolable'.

Cara has since revealed that her toddler has been 'inconsolable' after losing the toy given that Rara had travelled everywhere with Elodie since she was born.

"We only realised when in Uber heading to airport," she continued.

"I need someone urgently to retrace our steps and help bring him home to her! I could FaceTime you to let you know exact route we took!"

The mum also added that if the toy was found and needed to be posted back to the family, they would 'obviously would be reimbursed for any mail/courier costs in addition'.

"Thank you," she concluded.

She is offering a very generous £200 in a bid to desperately find someone willing to help look for the rabbit toy in Dublin.

Cara has since assigned an Airtasker user named Alice to the task.

The mum is offering £200 to anyone who can retrace the family's steps and find Rara the rabbit.

Alice commented on the post: "My mum is in Dublin and would be able to help with this task. Dublin is home, and she knows the city like the back of her hand. So sorry to hear about the poor lost bunny!"

She added: "My mum was in Dublin City today and tried to find the bunny, but no luck. Here is her update…

"Went to Clarence hotel. Very helpful. Looked in stores, behind bars, in Restaurants, housekeeping staff etc but no bunny. "Then went to Dunnes and met an extremely helpful man. He looked in all the 'lost/found' areas.

"Even walked the toy section in case it got put on a toy counter in error. But no bunny."

Alice concluded: "Walked along the Henry St route to the Clarence and over the millenium bridge just in case someone found and stuck it on the railing.

"But no bunny."

Fingers crossed Rara will be found soon!

Featured Image Credit: Airtasker

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