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Millionaire couple buy their 'caviar baby' double her weight in gold

Millionaire couple buy their 'caviar baby' double her weight in gold

She said her child will be well and truly 'spoiled'

A millionaire couple celebrated the birth of their daughter by buying double her weight in gold, vowing for their ‘caviar baby’ to be truly ‘spoiled’ after coming into their world of wealth.

Linda Andrade, who bills herself as the ‘Original Dubai Housewife’, recently gave birth to a baby girl - who her fans joked was ‘already richer than most of us’.

She met her millionaire husband Ricky at the gym in 2015, when she was just 19, before getting engaged three years later.

Last year, after eight years together, they announced they were expecting a child in an adorable TikTok video, with Linda saying she felt ‘so so excited for this journey’.

Linda Andrade recently gave birth.

Fast forward to 2024, and the pair are now proud parents to a little girl, who’s apparently going to be sippin’ on ‘24 carat gold milk’.

Showing off their early days of parenthood with fans, Linda said: “The millionaire’s wife finally had her millionaire daughter... aka my caviar baby, if you guys remember.”

The video montage showed Linda posing with her bump, before it cut to a short clip of her newborn baby.

“If you also remember, I said I was gonna buy gold in the weight of my baby,” she said.

“So she weighed, like, 7lbs.

“Of course I lied, told my husband she was, like, 15lbs.

“He believed that. He didn’t question this.

She said her baby 'deserves the best'. TikTok/@lionlindaa
She said her baby 'deserves the best'. TikTok/@lionlindaa

“And you can’t blame me. Like, my baby deserves the best.

“It's just one of the many things she’s gonna be getting from her dad.”

Linda continued to list the other ways they planned to treat their little princess, saying: “She was spoiled inside of my stomach and she’s definitely gonna be spoiled outside of it too.

“She'll be travelling the world, shopping at Chanel, getting her first Birkin before she can talk.

“She’s my caviar baby, so she’s gonna be eating caviar – there will be no Gerber in my house.

“Of course I’ll wait until she can actually eat caviar. Until then, it’ll be 24 carat gold with milk... so 24 carat gold milk.

"And I already got her a Dior stroller. We’re obsessed with it.”

She's already got a Dior pram.

Linda added: “She’ll be the bougiest one on the block. She’ll be spending all of her dad’s money.

“I’m so excited.”

The video divided TikTok users, with some saying they found it really ‘sad’.

“You are no better than anyone else,” one fumed.

Another said: “OMG! You child needs LOVE! Hugs, sincere smiles, emotional security.”

However, others had nothing but love for Linda and her new little family, with one telling her: “Idk why people are hating she can be spoiled as long as she is grateful. Btw congrats!”

Someone else commented: “Your husband has two queens to soil now! Congratulations mama!”

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@lionlindaa

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