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Mum devastated after daughter complained of tummy ache only to be diagnosed with stage four cancer

Mum devastated after daughter complained of tummy ache only to be diagnosed with stage four cancer

Millie Holmes was complaining of tummy ache, but her mum Gemma later learned it was something much worse - a rare form of cancer

A mum is absolutely distraught after her daughter complained of tummy ache which turned out to be stomach cancer just a matter of weeks later.

Millie Holmes was feeling a bit under the weather, but her mum Gemma just assumed it was an ordinary illness.

However, the six-year-old later started with nosebleeds and passing blood in her wee, at which point her mum got much more concerned.

After taking her to the GP, she was told that the youngster had a water infection, but in the following months she still hadn’t improved and was losing weight as well as having very little appetite.

After a check-up at Tameside General Hospital, doctors discovered a lump in Millie's stomach and she was taken to Manchester Children’s Hospital, where she remained for two weeks for further observation.

Millie wasn't feeling great, so she had to go for tests at the hospital.
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Then, the worst was confirmed - Millie had an extremely rare form of cancer, it it was at stage four, meaning it had spread from the original location.

Millie was then diagnosed with clear cell sarcoma of the kidneys.

It’s hard to diagnose because of the symptoms such as abdominal pain being quite familiar.

Now, she’s already had five different kinds of chemotherapy and an eight-hour operation to remove one of her kidneys, and is recovering at home, but is facing yet more chemotherapy and radiation to get seven tumours to shrink.

Millie also has chromosome 15q deletion, a genetic condition that means she has a speech delay, learning difficulties, and sensory needs.

That could have led to her tumour growth, too.

Mum-of-four Gemma, from Droylsden, explained: “She started with a belly ache over 12 months ago. She was complaining of belly ache and had nosebleeds which are signs of cancer, but at the time we didn’t know that.

“I took her to the doctors about the blood in her urine and they thought it was a water infection.

Now, Millie has had to undergo a lot of treatment for the cancer.
MEN Media

“At the beginning of March she started not eating as much and losing weight. She looked unwell and was tired a lot and she was really skinny.

“It was just the sheer fact she was losing so much weight and she was really unwell.

“She’s not an unwell child; she’s very active.

“I kind of had an inkling which is why I pushed for a blood test."

The mum continued: “From the minute you find out, you’re on chemo the next day.

“We’ve been in and out of hospital ever since.

“They can’t give you hope it’s going to be cured.

“It’s been a struggle; she has her own needs as it is already.

“It’s been a big change and she’s had to overcome everything they’ve thrown at her.”

Despite that, Millie is keeping her spirits up and a GoFundMe has been set up to take her on a holiday when her treatment is over.

You can donate to that by following this link.

Featured Image Credit: MEN Media

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