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Jessica Simpson slammed for letting 11-year-old daughter wear crop top

Jessica Simpson slammed for letting 11-year-old daughter wear crop top

The singer posted a cute snap with her eldest daughter Maxwell, but many were quick to criticise the pre-teen's outfit choice

Fans and fellow parents have had some stern words for Jessica Simpson after she shared photos of her 11-year-old daughter on Instagram wearing a cropped top.

While how a person chooses to raise their child is, quite frankly, nobody else's business, celebrities seem to be the ones who get judged and ridiculed over their parenting techniques the most - especially on social media.

And Jessica Simpson is the latest victim.

The American singer is the mum to three children - Maxwell Drew, 11, Ace Knute, nine, and Birdie Mae, four - all of who she shares with husband, Eric Johnson.

And while the former reality star has done an amazing job in raising her children, she has unfortunately faced a lot of criticism online after sharing a photo with her eldest daughter, Maxwell.

The 43-year-old is seen posing alongside her daughter in the Instagram post, which was posted on Friday with the caption: "Bring your Barbie to work day", with Maxwell sporting a denim maxi skirt, a matching cropped top and some chunky black boots.

Jessica Simpson posted this cute snap with her eldest daughter Maxwell.

While the picture itself is very cute and attracted a lot of compliments, many weren't impressed by Simpson's choice to allow her pre-teen daughter to wear a cropped top and have her stomach out.

“Isn’t she like 11 or something?? Stop sexualizing your little girl,” one person said in the comments, while another added: "Why are you letting your 11 year old child dress like a 20 year old?

"They grow up fast enough - let her be a CHILD. Or have you already forgotten what being pushed into adulthood and sexiness can do to a young girl??"

And someone else pointed out: "Both are beautiful! BUT just my opinion. Crop top on a 11 yr old is pushing boundaries.

"JS is beautiful. Her daughter is beautiful. But what's the message here?"

Many slammed the mum for allowing her pre-teen daughter to wear a cropped top.

But many rushed to Simpson's defence, arguing that many are simply being hypocritical: "The irony of everyone in the comments accusing her of ‘sexualizing’ her daughter by allowing her to wear whatever the f**k she wants, when y’all are doing the exact same thing to an 11 y.o girl on the internet whom you don’t even know lmaoo."

And another added: "So many Karens here geez! No 11 year old looks like an 11 yr old today. We’re not in the Brady Bunch years anymore, she looks fine. She’s w her momma!"

Tyla has contacted Simpson's reps for a comment on the matter.

What do you think about allowing a pre-teen to start wearing more grown up clothing?

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@jessicasimpson

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