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Mum issues urgent warning after hair 'sliced' through her toddler's ear

Mum issues urgent warning after hair 'sliced' through her toddler's ear

People rushed in to share their advice on handling the ordeal

A mum has issued an urgent warning to fellow parents after a strand of hair 'sliced' through her toddler's ear.

Now, any parents out there will know all about the dreaded hair tourniquet syndrome - a condition that can happen when one or more hairs become wrapped around a digit, such as a toe or a finger, according to the NHS.

It occurs mostly in babies and toddlers - with the hair being wrapped so tightly that it cuts into the skin, sometimes cutting off circulation.

The mum took to the popular Facebook group, FAMILY LOWDOWN TIPS & IDEAS, to share a grizzly snap of her tot's ear that seemed pretty cut up after a stray piece of hair wrapped around her ear piercing.

One mum has warned fellow parents of hair tourniquet syndrome.
fotostorm / Getty Images

She captioned the pic: "So I've heard of hair round babies toes and fingers cutting off circulation But my toddler wanted earrings and asked for over six or seven months I gave in and wish I didn't."

The mum carried on: "A HAIR wrapped around the earring and sliced into her ear she doesn't even have long hair either just goes to show how any hair can be dangerous."

She then issued a stark warning to other parents, adding: "So if your sons or daughters have ears pierced please please check them like you check toes and fingers.

"I didn't even think it would happen."

Hundreds have since rushed in to share their reactions to the ordeal as well as giving the mum some advice.

"That’s quite scary hope they are ok looks really sore," emphasised one Facebook user.

A second praised: "Wow thank you for the knowledge I never would think of this!"

"Stainless steel is the best!" suggested a third. "The youngest the better as there is not pain, only unfocused discomfort. No infections… and will last for ever…"

A hair wrapped around the toddler's earring and 'sliced' through her ear.

A fourth explained: "My eight-year-old had hers done (professionally with a needle) about a month ago and I’ve had her hair in a dutch braid most days and nights to try to keep as much hair away from the piercings as possible.

"She’s got titanium flat backs which move freely in the ear (no turning required). Something like that might prevent hair getting stuck in future?"

And a final Facebook user shared their recommendations: "Here's my advice if you choose to get your child's ears pierced at a young age.

"Use flat back earrings as butterfly studs can get pressed on too tight. Use a piercing spray every day, you can get it off Amazon for about four quid. If they do get infected DO NOT remove the earrings, the infection can get into the blood if you do.

"Instead the advice from professionals is to use a piercing specific spray 3x a day until it's cleared up. Never twist fresh piercings as you will cause trauma to the site."

They added: "I'm not a professional, just have many different piercings that I've successfully healed and always taken advice from my piercer."

Featured Image Credit: fotostorm/Getty Images/Facebook/FAMILY LOWDOWN TIPS & IDEAS

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