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Mum given just months to live says wish is to spend Christmas with her children

Mum given just months to live says wish is to spend Christmas with her children

The mum is hoping to have one last Christmas with her family

A mum of two with a terminal cancer diagnosis has told of how she hopes to book a dream holiday to Donegal.

Liathán O'Donnchadha, from Moyard in West Belfast, received the devastating news last year that she had a rare form of vaginal cancer.

This mum was given devastating news after initially being given the all clear with cancer.

For six weeks, she endured daily radiotherapy along with chemotherapy every Tuesday, which she described as 'soul destroying' and 'horrific'.

Eventually, she was told she was cancer-free in November of last year, much to the joy of her and her family.

A few months after being given the 'all clear', the 43-year-old was given the devastating news that her health had deteriorated further.

She has been given a few months to live, with her set to leave behind Eireann, 10, and Lochlann, 5.

Liathán has since launched a GoFundMe to raise funds for a family holiday.

She recently got news from a MRI scan that delivered expected results.

"The results came through yesterday and I was so afraid and nervous," she wrote.

"But I got the best news of my life - the tumour in my lungs isn't growing as fast as it originally was.

"I'm so happy, that I'll get an extra few months out of this. Christmas would be amazing."

Money is being raised for one final family holiday to Donegal.

Over £13,000 has been raised so far for their final family holiday and she's expressed gratitude to all the support.

"I feel like I owe everyone who has donated an update after being so kind," she said.

"I'm still in the Hospice and all being well I will be out on Monday coming and I can hopefully book that holiday soon. I couldn't believe that the tumour has barely moved. There are a few extra specks but all round it is a great update."

One of Liathán's friends said: "It is awful. She is just so strong and fighting. It is all you really can do. Her kids are her everything and they are the reason she is fighting."

The GoFundMe, which was set up by her friends, reads: "We as Liathán's friends would like to raise some funds so that she can make some final happy memories for her children to have in these unforeseen circumstances.

"Liathán's dream would be a trip to Donegal a place she loves and has fond memories of, that she could spend her last holiday there with the kids.

"If you would like to help a small donation would be greatly appreciated."

If you want to donate to Liathán's GoFundMe, you can do so by clicking this link.

Featured Image Credit: GoFundMe

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