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Mum sparks debate by saying people without kids have it easier

Mum sparks debate by saying people without kids have it easier

People are divided.

There’s no doubt that parents should be hailed as superheroes in their own right.

But one mum has sparked a debate after saying that people without kids have it easier.

You can watch another mum explain why she 'hates' motherhood below:

Taking to a forum on Mumsnet, the mum explained how ‘for the first time possibly ever’ she was able to prepare herself for work without the added stress of getting her children ‘ready for school, nursery, holiday clubs’ after her other half stayed home with them on a day off school.

She said: “I'm actually bored. It's not time to leave yet. I'm dressed. I've even done a bit around the house.

"It makes me think of how easy this is, even for a serial procrastinator like me.”

The woman then went on to reflect on her ‘child-free colleagues’ who would appear, to her, to have it much ‘easier’.

One mum said that people without kids have it easier.

She continued: “So now I'm wondering about all my child-free colleagues who roll their eyes when I come in frazzled, frizzy, five minutes late (I also stay late) and sometimes with someone else's toothpaste on me.

“Do they have any idea how easy it is to get yourself out of the house for work compared to getting other little two people out the door who frankly aren't as motivated?

"Do they not realise that those of us with kids/ caring responsibilities are not just wilfully blasé but that it's actually really f**king difficult to get somewhere (almost) on time without looking like you've been through tough mudder with an added sticky fingers obstacle?"

However, onlookers quickly took to the comments section to defend those who either by choice or fertility issues, are child-free.

She found her morning routine on the way to work much easier when she didn't have to look after the kids.

“Yeah, let’s pander to mothers even more,” one commenter replied. “Nothing is a greater idea than shaming childfree/childless people.

"Hopefully, you have some intelligence and awareness of the society around you and have noticed there’s a huge stigma of not having or wanting children.

“Honestly, your post is gross.”

Meanwhile, another added: “I mean it’s not their fault you chose to [have] multiple kids? You chose to make your life more difficult, you don’t then get a medal for that.”

But others were quick to defend the mum in her struggles, having faced a similar reaction from colleagues when they had small children.

Others believe that those at work shouldn't judge parents or child-free counterparts.

One person responded: “I agree, I remember a young male colleague mocking me once, first thing in the morning for walking into the wrong meeting room, along the lines that I was ditsy etc, annoyed the hell out of me, given everything I had already done that morning before I'd got to work.”

Another said: “It is hard work getting children ready and off to school. It is. Not hard enough work to regret having them but still hard work and I MARVEL at the teachers at my children's school who are there at 7.30am and who have managed that with their own children.”

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