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Parent and child parking bay rules explained so you can avoid hefty fine

Parent and child parking bay rules explained so you can avoid hefty fine

An expert has issued a warning to drivers with children about what to do in order to avoid a big fine for accidentally parking improperly.

Parents could face a hefty fine if they use a parent and child parking and if that sounds confusing keep reading because we’ll explain all the rules.

Drivers with children with them know how challenging it can be find a parking space, especially when you have to consider getting at least one child in and out of the car, plus push chairs and trolleys and bags.

It's a lot to wrestle with!

This is why car parks have designated spaces specially for drivers with children with them while out shopping. These spaces are usually located close to the entrance of the supermarket or shopping centre - but often, these spaces are controlled by a private parking firm.

The are specific rules for parent and child parking spaces.
Peter Jordan / Alamy Stock Photo

Private firms can give drivers a fine if they misuse one of their parking spaces reserved for parent and child parking.

Car parks must clearly display their rules for the use of its parking spaces along with details about the penalty if a driver is to break the rules.

Some parking spots will require drivers to take their children out of the car to ensure they follow the rules, while other car parks state that a booster seat must be used if they want to use the parent and child parking space.

Fines can be as much as £100 for misusing a parent and child space, so it’s important that you carefully read the rules once you arrive at the car park.

Each car park will have different rules about the upper age limit for a child, most have an age limit of 12 years old but this may differ as others will specify that the spaces are reserved for toddlers and babies.

Car parks at supermarkets have car spaces specifically for drivers with children.

Although drivers can dispute a fine, it does tend be a huge hassle because of the lengthy process.

"Mums and dads will naturally enjoy using parent and child parking spaces that are more comfortable to park in and in an area closer to a shop’s entrance,” Tim Alcock of told The Sun.

"Unfortunately, the rules can be a little more complex than the name suggests and it can be all too easy to get caught out, landing yourself in hot water or taking a hit in the pocket."

He continued: "The number one piece of advice if you’re considering using a parent and child parking space is to have your child with you and to take your child with you in-store.

Some rules state that the children must be taken out of the car.

"Read a car parks signage, note the terms and conditions of using a parking there and then follow the stated rules."

If you realise you have parked improperly and want to avoid being slapped with a fine, Alcock stressed the importance of moving your motor as soon as possible and finding an alternative parking space.

"I would recommend that if you’re not sure of the rules in a particular location and your accompanying child is capable of walking slightly further across the car park, that parking in an alternative space would be the best course of action to take," he added.

Featured Image Credit: Peter Jordan / Alamy Stock Photo / Pexels

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