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Woman In Stitches After Whole Boob Falls Out Of Brand New Dress

Woman In Stitches After Whole Boob Falls Out Of Brand New Dress

Oh dear!

An online shopper was horrified after she bought a new birthday dress from Oh Polly, only to find her entire boob was on show when she tried it on.

Chloe Maguire, 23, from Birmingham, ordered some outfits from the retailer earlier this month, including a £40, green style which Chloe said was her favourite.

But Chloe says she was left shocked when her breast 'fell out' of the dress - which she bought in a size 14 - while she was trying it on.

You can watch a video of the dress mishap below:

She said: "If I wore that out everyone probably would have had a heart attack, the club would have cleared out.

"I literally tried [to get boobs to fit]. I have a video of me doing a turn in the mirror and literally the boob just falls out it doesn't even hold it in.

"The video's not even ten seconds long and it literally just falls out, it was really deflating.

"I was shocked more than anything because I managed to get it on fine and it fit everywhere else, it was just that one little strip of fabric and I was like 'oh my God, what am I going to do? I don't have another outfit.

"I sent a photo into the group chat and was like 'I think this is a no girls' and they were all laughing like 'I can't believe it didn't fit you' and I was like 'same'."

Chloe ordered a number of outfits from Oh Polly (
Kennedy News and Media)

Chloe explained she returned the £40 dress and ended up wearing a two-piece - also bought from Oh Polly.

"I ordered multiple different things. The green dress was going to be my go-to, it was my favourite," she added.

"I wanted something a bit different. I feel like I'm very much a monochrome person. I don't really wear colours, only nudes and browns and things.

"I thought I'd order the biggest size in it and I'll be fine and hold me in all the right places, when obviously it arrived that wasn't the case.

Chloe ordered the dress from Oh Polly (
Oh Polly)

"I ordered a size 14, usually at a push I'd order a 12, because it had a sleeve I didn't want it to be too uncomfortable or tight and I know that I've obviously got a bigger chest than other people.

"I came to work the next day and the girls were like 'oh my God did you try your dress on?' and I was like 'yeah, it's depressing'."

Oh Polly has been contacted for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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