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People obsessed with 'nothing showers' explain why they're so 'perfect'

People obsessed with 'nothing showers' explain why they're so 'perfect'

Did you know there were different types of showers?

Did you know there were different types of showers? Well, me neither.

A lot of us hop in the shower before heading to work, or maybe even before bedtime for a good scrub so we feel nice and clean.

Yep, we may put some music on in the background so we are not in complete silence - but the end goal of a shower is to come out more refreshed and cleaner than we were before, right?

Well, according to some people that is not always the case, thanks to something known as 'nothing showers'.

These endeavours are apparently that good, one social media user has described them as 'perfect'.

The discussion began on X, formerly known as Twitter, thanks to the user who goes by the name of @foldyrhand.

Have you had a 'nothing shower' before?
Laurence Monneret/Getty Images

Taking to the popular social media site, they penned: "As pleasurable as an everything shower, I would like to humbly introduce the concept of a nothing shower: your second shower of the day in which you have no hygiene tasks to do at all and merely stand in the water for emotional refreshment and general spiritual cleansing purposes."

And this particular person wasn't on there own, as many flocked to the comments section of the post to admit they take 'nothing showers' as well.

"That's my ideal shower on a hot summer day. Stand there under the cold water just to vibe," a fellow user wrote.

A second added: "These were the key to my tiny bit of sanity when I was in the psych ward lol, I'd shower off the negativity from the drs."

While a third remarked: "This is practice I take so seriously."

Meanwhile, others were a little unsure, as another penned: "Interesting … sort of a rain substitute."

Many are intrigued by the concept.
Gary John Norman/Getty Images

'Nothing showers' may be a new concept to a lot of us, but the term 'everything showers' has been around for a while.

In fact, these showers are apparently that good one woman says it is 'better than sex'.

For 'everything showers', you basically show a complete disregard for your water bill and stay in the shower for a long period of time, getting every little task regarding self-care, beautification, and hygiene possible done in the process.

That means shaving, washing hair, conditioning, applying hair masks, skincare, whatever you want.

What’s more, it gives people some much needed alone time with their thoughts, away from the screens that dominate even our most solitary moments.

Featured Image Credit: Laurence Monneret/Gary John Norman/Getty Images

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