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Male Blogger Is Ridiculed For Blaming Car Crashes On 'Seductively Dressed' Women

Male Blogger Is Ridiculed For Blaming Car Crashes On 'Seductively Dressed' Women

People were shocked at the blog post.

An author and blogger who wrote an article titled 'The Continuous Sexual Abuse Of Men' has been ridiculed after blaming car crashes on 'seductively dressed women'.

Nick Buckley, who recently wrote a book about overcoming cancel culture, shared the article on his blog last month. In it, he claimed women are the cause of a number of car crashes in the summer, due to men taking their eyes off the road.

The article was published online (
Nick Buckley/Substack)

"Men have more car accidents in the summer months than the winter, because they are forced to take their eyes off the road to look upon a half-naked woman passing by," he wrote.

"Women have more accidents in the winter when the roads are wetter and icy. Have a guess who is punished for such preventable accidents? Men – never the real culprits. Surprisingly, men do not go out onto the pavements to selfishly distract road users – they have far too much respect for the auto-mobile."

Nick - who believes that women 'use their bodies and sexuality to abuse men' - claimed most women are 'walking lies', adding: "The biggest lie women tell themselves is that they do all this for themselves – it makes them feel better. I am sure it does, but subconsciously they do it to be attractive to men. Not all men, only to the ones they want – all other men who notice are branded creeps, perverts or weirdos.

Nick shared the article on Twitter (

"As a man, I have been made to feel uncomfortable on hundreds of occasions because of the outfit worn by a woman. Large ripe breasts on display barely contained by the fabric of a dress. Splits on dresses that take the eye on a journey up a smooth leg, beyond the thigh and to the bare flesh of a hip."

People were shocked at the comments, with one person writing: "Hi Nick, your article is really quite concerning. Sadly, many of the things you describe that a woman does to feel better about herself is created by the world and society we live in, not to impress men. Certainly not to ‘abuse’ men. Abuse doesn’t come with choice, we would know."

While another said: "This is literally the cringiest thing I have ever seen anyone publish under their own name."

And a third added: "I feel harmed by the thought process that informed this article."


Others questioned whether the article was in fact satire.

Over on Twitter, Nick responded to some of the backlash, writing: "Thank you to all the feminists who read my article and have now rejected misandry. I wrote it for you and your application is reward enough."

Tyla has reached out to a representative for Nick, for comment.

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